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it's been a while since i've posted anything on here and as everyone already knows, really big things happened with MCR. I came on the community page for the first time in probably over a year and expected it to be dead. I'm so glad to see people still using this site as an outlet to vent or write about your day or write about another band you're seeing soon. In the past few months i was fortunate enough to meet frank and it was probably the highlight of my teenage years. I'm glad to have seen the first LeATHERMOUTH gig in 4 years and to have seen the last MCR show ever.

Against The Sun Fanfic Part 20

asdfghjkuytrfvg I know it's been ages and my estimating skills suck (sorry wendy! <3) but i hope you enjoy this part. it's kind of a filler but the next part is gonna be rrrrrrrreeeeeeeallly long and reeeeeeeeallllyyyy actiony!
*Fun Ghoul's P.O.V.*

"No D." I said firmly. My blood was boiling. There was no way Chaos was staying here.
"Ghoul it's been decided already." D was frighteningly calm. His tone was just getting me more worked up.
"By who?!" I tried to keep my voice low.
"Pony and I decided-" He started

Bulletproof Heart Fanfic Part 53! (took me long enough)

ahhhhh i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry!! I was so bogged down with finishing school and starting work that i barely had time to type anything up but ahhh school's over and i never stopped writing so i've got at least 3 more chapters of all of my stories ready to be type so i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry again and ENJOY!
*Frank's P.O.V.*

The nex day we woke up, had breakfast, and made our way to Jenna's small apartment.


just realized i havent been on here for around 2 months! i've probly been forgotten about but WOW. SORRY SORRY SORRY!! i've still been writing nonstop and just have to get to typing it all up! i've been preoccupied with finals and mcr playing bamboozle and i'm still going through finals and MCR was AMAZING and played the best set i've ever seen and i was barrier for it and ahhhhhhh <3________<3 i took the pictures and i'm IN THE VIDEO FOR THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS OMFG. if you pause at exactly 8 minutes i'm the tall one at barricade with the red hair!!!!!!! ahhh i can't get over it!!!!!!!

Today was..... infuriating to say the least

it started when my mother woke up when she promised me sunday night that she'd let me stay home today for a 'mental health day' since everything's been so stressfull with my family lately.

so, whatever, i got out of bed and she promised me i could stay home tomorrow.

Me and my father haven't been getting along for about two weeks. he 'forgot' to invite me to breakfast with my brother and sister. He "forgot" to drive me to work saturday AND sunday no matter how many times i called him.

Against The Sun Fanfic Part 20

i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry! I'm shitty with consistency! we had quarterly tests for school during the past two weeks so i haven't gotten the time to type up what i had written but BELIEVE ME there's still alot to type up! I love you and Enjoy!! (I have to leave for my first day of work so i won't have a chance to notify anyone but if you haven't read it by then then i will message you. sorry sorry sorry sorry)

*Fun Ghoul's P.O.V.*
"No D." I said firmly. My blood was boiling.

Give The Kids A Show Fanfic Part 19

A little dedication! This one is really long cause I wanted to make up for so many missed uploads but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WENDY! I know you love this one sothis is to make up for not posting on your birthday!
*Maggie's P.O.V.*
I didn't have the slightest idea why I all the sudden didn't give a shit about staying away from Frank. I think it was the fact that I saw the way James really treated him and how he was telling the truth about James being different with me.

wanna hear something fucking wierd?

Today is BH's 1st birthday. When I started writing I didn't think id have enough for 3 chapters and now I'm going on Part 54. I was mentally and emotionally fucked up and I still kind of am but this story made me feel passionate about something and predtty much, my readers and my writing has kind of saved me in a way. But once again I'm getting all cheesy and blah blah blahh.......


P.S I have an MSI SHOW (Ahhhhhhhh! I'm so excited) on Saturday so I'll try and get some GTKAS! Up on Sunday if I can even function by then.
P.P.S. speaking of GTKAS!

Against The Sun Fanfic Part 19

Hey guys! Better late than never, eh? I'm sorry it wasn't up sooner but my friends' grandmother passed away so I went to the wake today. It's like my fourth wake this month so it SUCKS. But anyway, Enjoi!
*UltraViolet Revenge's P.O.V.*

"Thanks! Chaos did it on the ride here!" Cyanide said cheerily.
I felt like someone was tightening a hand on my throat, cutting off my air. She didn't know what she'd said.

Bulletproof Heart Fanfic Part 52

AHH! i'm sorry i didn't post last week i got dragged to my sisters college :P second apology because it's so fucking short! But I will redeem myself by posting a new actiony ATS later but for right now i apologize that it's so short and second apology if i don't message you immediatly because i have to go buy ART SUPPLIES <3_______<3

*Frank's P.O.V.*

An hour and a half later we were all sprawled across the floor of Sarah's bedroom.