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Bored So I Decided To Google Where I Live

So if anyone here has read my bio you'd know I live on an island.....well today I was extremely bored so I went down to the beach and took some too lazy upload them though here are some google images! btw the people jumping into the water they're jumping from a bridge. its the most popular thing to do in the summer here at the beach....its rather fun really!

~Avenging Rose

Hunger Fuckin Games!!!! And a Question :)

Just came back from watching the Hunger Games with my brother and two friends of mine! Well it was fuckin awesome! Even though it wasn't as amazing as the book, which was rather disappointing but!, still got to see Peeta's amazing face!!!!!!!! But that movie made this question come up for today!:

What is your favorite movie you've ever watched! And/or your favorite movie genre!

(My favorite movie would have to be 21 Jump Street or Nightmare Before Christmas....favorite genre comedy!)

W/ Love and may the odds be ever in your favor ;) <----he's supposed to be winking....doesn't really look

Jack the Pumpkin King and a Question

So today I have been in a very tim burton-y mood and I remembered I had my favorite jacket in my closet and it has Jack the pumpkin king from the nightmare before christmas and so it inspired todays question!

What is your favorite inanimate object? Like a piece of clothing (like mine is my jacket in the pictures) or maybe a stuffed animal, a picture, anything really!

W/ Love
~Avenging Rose

Random Drawings

Some random drawings of mine......opinions?

A Giant Bunny and A Question!

Hey anyone who might read this! So I was looking through some facebook pictures of mine today and I came upon this one picture I took the saturday before easter this year of me in a bunny what the hell does this have to do with my question for today? Well..........this had to be one of my most embarrassing moments ever even if I was surrounded by just little kids some adults and my best friend who was helping me and so brings me to the question for today which is......

What is one of the embarrassing moments you've ever had!


Fuck! So I almost forgot to post one of my (now daily) questions today! But off the top of my head right now the question for today yes (insert drum roll here):

What is a talent that you have? (can be singing, drawing, playing instruments, touching your tongue to your nose idk!) it can be anything really!

Mine would have to be writing (so I've been told) mostly with poetry but I'm really good with creative writing too (which I enjoy most!)

So what's you guys talents?

W/ Love and insane curiosity,
~Avenging Rose :)

MCR + Cereal Guy = My embarrasing and pointless laughing moments :)
Poem I found?

So I was going through my google docs last night and I found the beginning of this poem I started writing and so I decided to finish it up and here's the final outcome....what do you guys think?

An Old Friend <-----this is the title (just saying since I can't underline it on here)

I’ll lay my hands down just to get by
But I’ll put up a fight for that which I’ve cried
Watch me tear up the desert for my dearest friend
Hunt down the tales once told by the brothers Grimm
I’ll never give it up
I’ll never let it go
My mind
My brain
Of a happy three year old
Imagination is the only gift that I have

Question! #3? I believe!

Hey guys! Thank you so much for continuing to comment on my posts of I didn't do much all of today with both of my parents working (nothing new) and just my brother and I being home alone and so I was thinking about what question I should post today and I thought today should be this question:

What is the one thing that you most dislike/despise about your family or parents.....

Mine would have to be the fact that my parents work all day long but at the end of the day when they get home if they are in a bad mood they decide to let it out on the rest of the family (there's four


Hey guys! So some of you may have read my last blog where i said i'd be posting some questions now and then and love to get you guys' opinions and thoughts on them....well here's another one (since im bored and waiting for the cake im baking to bake!) well my question this time is what do you guys look/are looking forward to most in life! Like gettin' to move out?, having kids?, tattoos?, piercings? personally mine is all of these and some others which i can't think of at the what are you guys looking forward to in life?