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Thoughts from the thinking process.....

So I was thinking about some things and as random as they may be here are my thoughts throughout the day today! (I know this is odd but I felt like writing my thoughts down or typing I they are though)

1. I am in desperate mode as I need to finish my art project within the next 2 weeks and I still have a billion fuckin puzzle pieces to outline in paint then paint and write MCR lyrics on!!!!!
2. Listening to pandora during ELA in the hall when I'm not supposed to is totally worth it when there's a kid singing one direction in the classroom, another whistling, and a third that

Is it legal????

I know this may be the stupidest question ever but I was seriously wondering would it be legal (like cause of the copyright stuff and all) to make a homemade MCR t-shirt? Like to grab a white t-shirt and in sharply or whatever doodle all over and write all sorts of things like MCR lyrics and album covers and stuff? Ik this is stupid but I'm still curious whether I can do it or not cause if I can hell I'm gonna go procrastinate a little longer and get started on that t-shirt!

School Art Project

So at school right now in art we're doing projects to hang around the school and my class is doing silhouettes of ourselves and so we took picture of ourselves, projected onto ply wood, traced, cut, and we're now painting them (we can do any design, whatever we want) and so some people are doing quotes all over some splatter painted but I took a longer time to get started on making my design since I was constantly helping people but I started mine and it's gonna be like my body is a puzzle and I wanna make it look like the puzzle pieces come together and on my head I want it to say "We are

So I'm gonna have to wake up early tomorrow morning to go to a poetry reading thingy (long story on that....) and so I am procrastinating so I don't have to sleep yet (who would've thought I'd ever give up precious minutes of sleep??!?!?!) so here is Ellie (Ellie is the drawing not me...) she's inspired by Tim Burton style of drawing (more or less) and the third picture is of me since I drew her and I decided to come out from behind the drawing on cardboard...(now I never post pictures of myself on here but my hair is some what out of control today...not as bad as it can get thank God!


So I have never really ranted on here and I'm sorry for doing this guys! But you can skip over this if you don't feel like listening to family drama bullshit thing..... But if anyone does read this I feel sorry for you!

Off to band!

So it's 6:40ish in the morning here where I live and soon I'm gonna be going off to band practice (I play flute in a concert band...there's about 60 of us in the band) and yea! We're going to be going to a competition thing I think next friday it is? we go to a high school that's about 2 hours away from where we live and we play 3 pieces of music in front of 2-3 judges and some students that go to that high school and we get judged...all the years we have gone we have won either gold or platinum so we're always really nervous since we don't wanna be the year the band gets a silver maybe!

A most recent immense achievement!

So I just thought this immense accomplishment of mine should just receive a blog entry of its own! So the achievement is........... Doing my homework! I barely even procrastinated this time! Why this is an achievement? Well I didn't leave my homework to do at 5:30 in the morning! [insert imaginary audience clapping here]! ;) yea that's all! Hope everyone's well!

Love you guys!,
Avenging Rose:)

Because This Is Beautiful :)

So I don't know if you guys saw the video that people were posting of Gerard reciting Kids From Yesterday while the guys' faces passed by in gray?

And the sun has yet to come out today........

Oh how I love rage comics...... am i the only one??

Waiting for the clouds to give way to the sun at 7:40 am.....

1. Height: 5ft 4"

2. Virgin? Yep

3. Shoe size: It varies depending on the shoe but usually around 8 - 8 1/2 Womens

4. Sexual Orientation: Straight

5. Do you smoke? Nope and hopefully never will

6. Do you drink? I've had some sips before and I could get my hands on alcohol easily here...but i choose not to :)

7. Do you take drugs? Hell no....

8. What age do you get mistaken for? I look my age :)

9. Tattoos? Until I hit 18 I can't :( After that though...... :)

10. Piercings?