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Anyone else love this guy and his imagination?
Helena Cover...

So here is my cover of has a rather long beginning....and i just realized i say I may suck/just that i suck a lot through it and many people may think im just seeking attention by saying that and im sorry if thats what you think but honestly while i was about to do this video i was terrified and didnt know how it would come out but here it is and please let me know what you think :)

Hoping to post a cover....

So singing at my school is like the coolest thing to do so everyone thinks they can. I actually have two friends though who are good singers...well one is AMAZING!

I forgot!

I don't know if anyone even saw my last blogs from a few days ago and how i talked about it being our last band practice and how we were going off to play in front of the judges and all but i forgot to say how it went (if anyone really cares...if you do thank you! if you dont i dont blame you!) but it went well! we were able to get a gold medal!

Dear Mom,
Thank you for turning down my request to get a nose ring. No, I do not want one because everyone else in school wants one too. No, I do not want one to look badass. No, I do not want one to rebel against you. I simply want one because I find them attractive and would like one. So why have I thanked you for turning me down? Well you have now entitled yourself to an epic begging battle until you either say yes to me getting the nose ring or until i turn 18 if you still deny me the right to one until then.

Anyone ever played Bullshit?

So my mom, my brother, a friend of my mom's and I were playing sort of a revised version of bullshit....the original is too complicated for our tired little minds so we played it our way and it was really fun actually! so yeah turned my mood around completely! :) really feeling ok today :) quite happy with that! Hope everyone had an awesome day :)

~Black Sunshine/Avenging Rose .....(I still can't decide!)
(I just chose that picture I put with this cause I thought it looked kinda awesome! ;)...)

Somewhat better...

So I guess I'm feeling a lot better than I was yesterday....I'm still feeling kinda down but better today thank God :) still not 100% but better than yesterday...I wish I would have the guts to ask my parents already for the nose ring I so desperately want but I still don't think they'd let me :( so while I stack up the guts to ask that (some other time) I'm off to write some holocaust poems for a Language Arts or literature ( whatever you guys may call it at your school) class....good thing I'm already in a dark mood to write about this topic....hope everyone is doing better off than I am :)

I'm just done.....

It's exactly as the title says...I'm just done with being the loner, forgotten, awkward, ugly, good for nothing person in the back! I can't take it! Everyone forgets I'm here, I have only about 5 closeish friends, my best friend I just feel like she isn't interested in listening to my issues and I just feel guilty all the goddamn time! I can't take it!!! And I know I have no future and I don't wanna be shot down in the middle of the street back home or work my fuckin ass off at like ten different jobs here just to make enough money to pay rent and eat!

Bored and in a stealing mood ;)

1. What is your middle name?
Khouri (pronounced like Cody.....yeah where I'm from our middle name is our mothers last....)

2. Where are you from?

3.What color are your eyes?
Mostly green with a bit of brown in center

4. How tall are you?
5''4 (I'm pretty short :P)

5. What did u want to be when u were little?
Apparently I always said I wanted to be famous but I remember wanting to be a vet (funny cause I was terrified of animals!)

6. What genre of music do u listen to
Punk, alternative rock

7. What is your favorite food?
I'll eat just about everything...

8 What's your favorite color(s)?

Last practice :)

So today is our last band practice this morning (it's a concert band) and then tomorrow we are off to the competition thingy! Hopefully we do well like the past years! And after we perform in front of the judges and the competition thing is over we get to go to six flags :) if it isn't raining :( which hopefully it isn't...... But yeah hope everyone has a good day today! I'm off to band this morning :)