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2 year olds....

What do you do when a 2 year old asks you to sing them a song? Well if you're an MyChem fan then you intensely resist the urge to sing some MCR and instead spit out some BINGO and Old McDonald...aaanndd attempt an Evry Snowflakes Different...even though it's summer :/


Hi guys! I have nothing to say really...I was just rather bored, came on here, and decided to share with you guys the story of my beautiful it is:

Once upon a time on an island nicknamed MV the weather was around 80 - 90 degrees (fahrenheit). So the one called Beany (that's my nickname) decided to go to the beach with her brother, her grandmother, and her best friend. And so they went. And the day was beautiful not a cloud in the sky. And the sun was merciless with rays shining bright. So while grandmama sat the kids all swam and jumped from the bridge intended for that.

It's been awhile :)

Well hi! I don't know if anyone will even read this but I haven't posted in a while so here's what's happened in the past 2 weeks or so....
Well I came back from Washington, finished that week of school up, this past week went as so:

Monday: nothing really
Tuesday: not much either
Wednesday: 8th grade recognition ceremony occurred in our school gym (all of school goes to the gym and 8th graders get awards for different things and our memories that we have from being at our school all these years are presented and my friend made over 400 cupcakes for the whole school for the ceremony...aanndd


Hey guys! So awhile back I posted about how I was doing an art project in school and all and well I finished! I actually finished about a month ago but I just got a chance to officially sign it today! So here it is and now after my class graduates it'll be hung up! But this was mine and I just had to put an MCR quote on it :) That's my silhouette and its got puzzle pieces on it to represent me being a bit of a puzzle, the open heart to show my emotions, and the MCR quote because they are part of what keep me going each day.

It's early and you're sick best thing to do is steal...

B - BIRTHDAY: February 13th (born on Friday the 13th ;)....)
C - CRUSHING ON: ChealytheNinja....
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Chocolate milk
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: The goblin under my bed...otherwise no one
F - FAVORITE SONG: Don't have one specific absolute love with work by jimmy eat world at the moment though and CUPID SHUFFLE!!!! Been singing that aalllllllll week
H - HOMETOWN: Oak Bluffs
I - IN LOVE WITH: Breathing (cause when you're sick you miss being able to breath through your nose....)
J - JUGGLE: 3 balls for

Pointlessness ;) ...-ish

Well I don't know why but I felt like posting this just cause I'm super excited! So to keep this short, tomorrow my class is going on a trip to washington dc for 5 days and we're all really excited cause we've been fundraising for almost 1 year and it's been quite an interesting fundraising experience and now all that fundraising is finally gonna pay off! So super excited about that and hopefully it turns out to be really fun! Hope you guys have a great week this week! I think I'm still gonna be able to go on from my iPod.....not sure though...hopefully I can! Love you guys :)

Keep running

Cause this is true :)

So there have been a few other blogs about society now and how the skinnier you are the prettier and along those lines and so i don't know how many people have seen this but i absolutely love this picture because of the message it's trying to if you've seen it before here it is again and if you haven't well here it is!

p.s. I thought this girl was very strong to have taken this picture and whoever came up with the idea to take it and what to say on the sign she's holding was a great person who's above all the messages magazines and ads are sending out now a days...

%$^w#* qerih #$*%^q#$trah rtoq#$ ^ SHE LIKES MCR!!!!!

Ok so about 1 month or so ago i posted on here saying how we had a new girl in our grade and all and so i found out she liked one i never bugged her much about anything in music....buttttt today in math we were in the library doing some research for a stupid project thing we have due in like 1 week and we were sitting (the new girl, me, and 3 other friends of mine) so my friends are all actually doing work, im sitting there not having a fcking clue what we're doing and the new girl (let's call her S) is doing work my friends start talking about glee and S is sitting

Project 365/Photo-a-day...

There was this thing I saw a few months ago of a lady and how she took one photo each day over the course of 1 year i think it was and then put it all into a video and it showed all the changes she underwent from haircuts to aging i thought i might try and tackle this as a bit of a challenge...i was thinking of starting it this summer the day after i graduate 8th grade and see how i change from 8th grade until my first day of freshmen year...if that works out i was thinking of doing a picture a day from the first day of freshmen year to the first day of sophomore year and from there

To Do List:

1.) write last holocaust poem
2.) draw a picture for a friend
3.) get a haircut
4.) lose weight
5.) get over this fucking writers block and creative block (I don't know what block it is when you can't draw) in order to do 1 and 2 :P
6.) convince parents of nose ring
7.) convince parents of letting me get low lights
8.) finish typing this so I can go try and accomplish these things...

Hope you all have/had an awesome day today
-avenging rose