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A fair, some shirts, and news.

Hey guys so I haven't posted in a while but here's some things that have happened to me since the last time I posted.

1: I got a puppy!!!! He's a jack Russell named Willis (nickname Willy) he's super cute and fun....a bit of a pain in the ass some times but I love him so :)

2: I ordered my first band t-shirts a few days ago and began to receive them in the mail now! The t-shirts are of-
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Three Days Grace
Rise Against
Panic! At The Disco
(and of course) MCR

3: I was babysitting all summer and finally stopped a few days ago and it's been an ok time...i stopped

Just a henna and some amazingness...

Yep just a henna I did that didn't stay sadly :( and some amazing guys that have kept me going for the past 3 days :)

Hope everyone had a great day :)

Why I prefer my corner in my room...

So my family had this great idea this afternoon to go to the beach and take our new puppy and go out for ice cream and what not and I was hungry so I said sure wtf could go wrong....well how about everything
So my brother dragged me into the water while I was wearing clothes not just my bathing suit and got me all wet, I got pissed and ran to the car while my dad unlocked but they were all laughing at me, my brother kept yelling during this whole scene and the beach is right next to the road and a ton of cyclists witnessed this whole dramatic scene.
Earlier today though they kept bugging me

How do you guys cheer up? -_- I need help....

I've been in a peculiar mood lately...I hate feeling like this...I don't know if it's my anxiety towards starting high school soon or stress from working so much....lack of sleep maybe? Depression? I don't know what to call it but my writings been failing and my drawings have hasn't cheered me up much and the weather's been cloudy all week with no rain....fuckin rain already!!!!!! I hate this :/ so what do you guys do usually to cheer up? I need ideas to help me drag up and out of this mood :(

I'm really not so with you anymore..I'm just a ghost
~Avenging Rose

Just some more...

just some more drawings...

Some drawings...

Just some drawings I've done lately and wanted to share with you guys. What do you guys think?

Art is the weapon ;)
~Avenging Rose

Do I Look Like I'm Still 3?!

It's funny you know how you expect to gain more liberty the older you get...well going into high school this fall I'd expect to gain some and you know to be able to start making my own's exactly as I said I'd EXPECT but then again having my mom I should've known better. So how about I write this as a letter to you mum.

Dear Mom,
You may not have realized it but I'm growing up. No I am not 3 anymore. You can quit talking to me at random times in that voice you use with 3 year olds after they woke up from a nap. You can quit the cooing and other bullshit.

The best group of girls to spend 8 bitter (and happy) years with :)

I was just looking through some stuff and found these pictures from a few weeks ago on our last week of school when my friends and I all decided to tease the guys in our grade and make fun of them by dressing up as guys and acting like them (we were extremely over dramatic) and it was hilarious! I love these girls and now that we are moving on to high school I know I wont be friends with most of them anymore but the past 8 years growing up with them have been amazing and I love them through our hatred for each other at times and our love as well.

You know it was a good day when...

The following occurred in order from morning to night:

1. You get locked inside of your room (yes inside because your doorknob is broken and won't open anymore) so you have to jump out your window with a ladder on the other side to help you down.

2. You go babysitting and the little girl is sitting on a chair near the floor and falls face first onto the floor and cries like you set her on fire or something (don't blame her on that one)

3. You're sitting with your knees tucked in with a 2 month old resting on your thighs upright and his diaper leaks so you have poop all over your shirt (so you

Best feeling ever!..

Well as the title says the best feeling ever most likely is when you get to show someone what music/bands you love and they totally get you and don't judge you and even enjoy those bands! Even if that person you show is your grandma as is my case right now cause I showed her some MCR and some other bands she said she liked them, I have them playing right now on my speakers and she's here dancing around in the kitchen....I swear I love this little old amazing lady to death! :)