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I got my haircut! And extensions :)

Yep! Got my haircut and instead of pink highlights on my hair I got pink part was profit went to Breast Cancer Research Foundation so I felt extra awesome after getting them :) Btw please excuse the horrendous's the only I got right now of my hair with the extensions O.o
Well I'll stop bugging you guys now! Sorry for the pointless blog :)

King Lear in Providence

So tomorrow I get to go with a ton of seniors and a few of my fellow freshman to Providence, Rhode Island to a theater to watch Shakespeare's King Lear play...and then if all goes well and I'm able to catch the ferry home on time I get to go get my haircut and get pink extensions :) Hope you guys are well

.....O.o...... still in awh.....check her out?

this girl goes to my school and i heard before that she played drums and today I found one of her videos on youtube......I'm still in awh....check her out guys seriously!

Pink Highlights....Help?

Hey guys so October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and at this local hair salon here where I live (which is a pretty badass salon actually) They have this thing where if you dye you hair pink (highlight or full hair or whatever) or get a pink hair extension then part of the profit of that pink highlight goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and after much begging I convinced my parents to let me get a highlight done when I go to cut my hair.


My best friend and I (along with my dad :/) are going to go see Falling In Reverse in there The Thug In Me Is You Tour on November 6th and we've been waiting forever for our tickets to get here and yesterday they finally did!! The pink wristbands are our VIP passes for the Meet and Greet and the top are our general admission tickets.
November can seriously not come fast enough!!!


Me: Hey life can I have happiness everyday of my life?
Life: ...
Me: Life can I have love be a part of my everyday?
Life: ...
Me: Life can I be pretty?
Life: ...
Me: Life can I have a chance to perfect the things I love doing?
Life: ...
Me: Life please let me be happy!
Life: ..
Life: ....fuck you too....

Funny-ly put but true....

I love Dan :)

Falling In Reverse Concert?...

Ah I feel like I bother you guys with my posts too much on here! Ok well anywho I'll try to make this as short as possible! Pretty much I love Falling In Reverse and in the beginning of september I found out about their The Thug In Me Is You tour and I REALLY wanted to go. My best friend kinda likes them (she's not into rock at all really) but we both like them and said we wanted to go!


hey I just took this picture this weekend (yeah that's me :/ ) and I didn't think much of it but today's been kinda weird...(this whole week really) and I just looked at it now and went into some deep thinking mode and thought it pretty much reflected who i am in just that one picture...I won't go into detail about it all but I was just wondering just what you guys thought of creepy?, odd, weird, interesting?...I don't know really what I'm even asking but I was just curious....
Anyway hope you guys had a great day today :)

History homework = All nighter tonight for this girl -_-

I have an entire stupid poster I have to do on the 13 colonies for my history class and it has a ton of information that I still need to REsEARch then put on there for all 13 colonies and this is due TO-FUCKIN-MORROW!!! I am not sleeping tonight by the looks of it and s tomorrow I would not be surprised if I fell asleep in class or passed out from exhaustion in the middle of the hallway between classes -_- I seriously gotta pull my shit together and get started on this thing though so good for you guys who are sleeping tonight! Hope you're all well :)