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Just one question...

I don't know if anyone will bother to actually answer this, but I'm just wondering what someone's opinion would be on this. So I used to talk to someone on here for a year and then we kinda parted and then a few months ago I kept messaging him just things that were happening here to me and how things were going because I figured he'd never come back, but he did and he said he was busy but so excited to get back in touch...but he never replied again after that...and I saw that he was on about a week ago and still didn't reply.

Just a little story I wrote...

His smile had long vanished from his face. There was nothing new bringing him joy. The birds songs were no longer melodious in his ears. The warmth of the sun kissing his cheek no longer brightened his day. The smell of lilacs along the path he walked on mixed with the lingering scent of last nights rain no longer cleansed his soul. The simple pleasures in the world no longer brought a smile to his face. His lips wouldn’t even twitch. The world was no longer the beautiful place it had once been to him. Life had lost its glamorous glow.

Just to get it out

I don't expect anyone to read this or anything I just had to get it out. This probably wont make much sense but I just wanted to put it out already. I had a best friend and we've known each other for years. She was always the person I talked to about every single thing, she was my safety net, she was like my sister. This year though it all changed. I went through a tough time in the beginning of the year and all and after that she disappeared.

The Thought Process

I haven't been on here for ages and it's really quite interesting to come back and see so many new people on here. Well I don't know how to feel really. I feel like I've grown up so much in the past few months and I just don't know what to think of anything anymore. I was in a great mood today until something occurred and I just don't know how to feel now.

That moment when you kill ChealyTheNinja/James Cheal's girlfriend.... O.o

So I was on twitter today I follow ChealyTheNinja (James Cheal) and his girlfriend on there because they're absolutely hilarious they had a thing going on a while ago about nipples and the other night my friend and I found this picture as we call it "The Wizard Nipple" and I thought Gemma might enjoy looking at it...Turns out she did! So my life is complete by having had this 4 message conversation about a nipple with her! That's the picture I sent her and the bottom one is of my tweet to her at the bottom and her reply at the top :)

My twin from another life.

So this is me (left) and my best friend (right). This girl...she's just like my other half. We disagree sure but we never fight, we always have each others back, and we go through almost everything together. This past tuesday we went to the Falling In Reverse concert in MA and it was the most amazing night ever!

Gonna need some serious detoxification of my mind after this!

My brother's in the kitchen right now with pandora on speaker listening to Usher and other offense to the people who like pop but it's just so pointless!!!!! My mind is gonna need some serious amount of punk, alternative, and other rock to clean my head of this stuff! It's all about sex, drugs, and going to the's all meaningless! How do people enjoy this?!?!
Well got a concert I get to go to tomorrow (FIR!) that should get it all this pop out of my mind XD

Well that was an interesting hurricane....

Where I live we were in hurricane Sandy's path and I guess people were thinking our little island was gonna sink or something....we got some flooding like downtown was underwater (some amazing guy decided to put on a shark suit and pretend to be a shark downtown during the hurricane which was hilarious!) but that's about it....and school was cancelled so really this storm was great! Except the areas which got badly hit I hope you guys are all alright and no deaths occurred or anything.

What to do during Hurricane Sandy?...

Well my family decided to go to see how the beach was my brother and I got out for a closer look :) Hope everyone else in Sandy's path is safe :)

The Pain Within A Heart Prison

There's people all around so why am I alone?
Empty inside with words gathering at my tongue.
Dreams are but wishes since they I can't achieve.
Everyday I feel more useless than the banished's pleads.
Happy one moment higher than heaven.
Only to crash back into the fingers of hell.
No one understands since all are blocked out.
But one to come in can lead to pain and a drought.
A drought in my feelings and overflow in pain.
A hurt stabbed in my back like a blade paper thin.
No words can describe all which I feel.
Yet neither could images all with which I deal.
For innocence is fragile and