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Now we are the kids from yesterday.

Okay... so.... This post is very hard for me to make. I've been neglecting this blog for awhile... and I hate myself for coming back just in time to hear the news we all never wanted to see.

This band has saved me in more ways than one. I know most of us feel that way. We've all been saved by them in one way or another. We all feel the same heartbreak, the same emptiness, now that they're gone. But now's the time where we carry on. We play their music at full volume when we drive down the street, we watch their documentaries when we're home, we wear their merchandise when we go to school... We sing it for the world to hear, and we keep them alive-- because they will always live in us. My Chemical Romance will NEVER die, as long as we remain loyal to them.

And I don't know about you, but I will always be loyal to them. Forever.

Sing it for the world....

I love you, MCR.

~Adrenaline Exploitation, MCRmy

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Add your name!!

We're more than a fanbase.
We're more than an army.
We're more than a FORCE OF NATURE.
We're a family.
And families won't let each other take anyone's shit. Families won't let anyone take anyone else alive. Families won't push each other round, we stick together, through and through. And we're gonna see each other out through the tough days, celebrate with us through our good days, and hold us when we're tired and sore and sick of life. And No-one can tear us apart.
Xx Death Kitty xX
~Madame Portrait
~Fraulein Arson
~Sam Shell
~Katie Brent
~*Apocalyptic Princess*
~mychemicalmartha aka Detonation Lover
~ GWay4eva / Sister Transistor
~cosmic kid<3
~ xoxo Lottie oxox
~Alex Matkovic
~Vanessa Garcia aka Cyanide revenge
~AlishaLee Aka GreenEyes
~GrimmCild aka Dynamic Fang
~Zookimer (the one and only)
~ Medusa Bullet ★
~corpse5 aka Sparky Hell
~ Scar.
~Toxic Ninja
~Danger Hear

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Thoughts on Glee's cover of "SING"?????????????

So. Killjoys. Sup? I was doing some web surfing last night, and I think my ears bled when I listened to the Glee cast cover "SING". What are your thoughts?? Just look it up on YouTube and you'll find it- just make sure it's the full version. I dunno, I think the girl's voice was good, but the guy and the rest of them screwed it all up. I really don't know what to think, actually. :/

Sooooo..... thoughts? O_O

Killjoy: Adrenaline Exploitation, signing off.

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Awww :/

So my mom went into the hospital for her lung condition via ambulance yesterday evening. My aunt and I were there with her until around twelve thirty this morning. She was moved from the ER and into a room on the second floor after about six hours of treatment in the emergency room. I customized the little board on one of the walls of her room and drew pictures of our cats, a random (and crappy) sketch of Gerard Way, and wrote the names of her current favorite MCR songs. Lol. I'm exhausted and wanting her to come home.

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Hey killjoys!!

I've been wanting to play some My Chem music for awhile now. Only thing is, I don't get my guitar for awhile (cuz I'm poor like that), so I'll only have my clarinet starting tomorrow. DOES ANYBODY KNOW where I can get sheet music (preferably FREE) for MCR singles such as "SING", "Helena", "The Ghost Of You", etc?? If someone could hlep me, that'd be much appreciated.... :/ I've been looking all night but only found a piano solo for "Demolition Lovers" (it's easy enough to convert to clarinet music). So if you could help out a fellow killjoy, that'd be great and I'd love you forever!

~Adrenaline Exploitation

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Hello my fellows in the MCRmy,

I'm Adrenaline Exploitation, and I'm a new member here (not to the MCRmy...).
Thought I'd drop in and say "hello," so, HEY! :)

And, I dunno about you, but I really, really LOVE the new album. Favorite song, anybody? Mine's probably tied between "Destroya" and "Summertime" :D

Anyway, I gotta get back to the zones- remember to look alive out there!

Killjoy: Adrenaline Exploitation,
signing off.