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Skylines and Turnstiles

Although that may not have been the first My Chem song that i heard, since Helene was the first, it will still be a song that will stick with me forever since it means so much to me.

I cannot put in words how much i miss Them already. They, as the band members, may not be gone, but the band is. Just the thought of them never playing another show, never writing new music and never bringing out new albums, saddens me so much.

They were an amazing band and they will always be my Heroes, for many reasons, which i will not add in this blog post.

The authorization attempt was declined.

i am trying to order a few stuff from the website and i entered my card details and everything but i keeps on giving me the "The authorization attempt was declined. Please verify the payment information or use a different card." error =( and i have no idea why?

I am from south africa so i really need help (not that south africans are retarded or anything, i just don't know why the furrck it's giving me this error) and i realllly need the shit i am trying to order =((

HELP ME!!!!!!!!

xxx Killjoy lurv =)