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Killjoys Chapter 6

This took me awhile to write let me know what u guys think.

Chapter 6
Femme, Straight and Tommy were sitting quietly i the car as they followed the 4 killjoys in their car. As they approached the ram shackled old gas station they saw a pretty girl wearing bright purple and pink skinny jeans, a pink t-shirt and a purple vest with jagged sleeves and a killjoy symbol on the vest. As they approached her she gave them a shy smile and said "hi". Femme being the more outgoing of them all asked "Who are you?". "I'm Transmission Hydrogen, but you can call me Trans." she replied.

I wrote this for my son

My Baby Boy
Baby boy your so special to me
You bring me happiness, can't you see?
Your raps make me want to cry
Your in my heart and always be
We have a bond no other can bring
All the joy and happiness and things
Your words are so kind and true
Around you I can never be blue.
You put a smile on my face
My heart is yours and no one could replace
Our friendship grows every day
Even when others say
"He's too young for you to know"
But I will always show
You just how special you are to me
My baby boy how can you be
So sweet, gentle and kind.
Your on my mind all the

OK so my bday came and went

and it basically sucked, started bad and ended bad. I cant take the stress anymore. The only thing that can make me smile is my new tat. Everyone loves it. And those who dont? F em!!! lmao I always do what I want to do. ;-) I also made this video let me know what u think.

Its my bday!!!

And Im getting another tat. I deserve it!! Will post pics when its done!!! <3 i actually posted this nov.1st 1am est. lol

Happy Birthday Frankie!!

Hope u have a great day. BTW for fellow killjoys my bday is tomorrow. ;-)

I finally got it

I finally got my tat. Love it and it only cost $60 cant beat the price and she did a gret job even got the lettering right. :-)

Chapter 5

With a half an hour till dark Poison and Jet went outside to retrieve the new guns. They wanted to make sure the guns were charged enough, so that they were well prepared. Going into Battery City was dangerous enough nevermind storming a compound. "Okay. We're on full battery." said Jet. "Then let's get the rest of the guys and get this show on the road." said Poison.
Femme, Kobra and Straight loaded into the Mustang. The rest loaded into the Trans Am. "Well it's do or die time." yelled to Poison. Poison gave her a wink and a thumbs up and shot forward, towards Battery City.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4
After a good nights sleep, the Killjoys and Femme were sitting around the kitchen table having coffee and discussing on how to go about rescuing Femme's brother. "We could wait for dark and sneak in"said Kobra. "Naw, you know me, I like to face them head on."said Poison. "I don't think that's wise."said Femme "They have gotten trickier since the last raid." she said. "Well we will just have to deal with it." said Poison. "What about those new guns?" asked Ghoul. "Yea they are powerful enough." said Jet. "Hmmm yea they would come in handy." said Poison thoughtfully.

I made 2 new videos

this is the 1st one

and this is the 2nd one

Let me know what you think.

My guy

His names AJ and hes in college, he wants to b a teacher. He's a great guy, Im lucky to be with him. :-) <3 <3 <3 <3