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What My Chemical Romance Means To Me

I herd my first MCR song years ago (the song was Dead!), and I had an instant connection. I listened to more songs by them and so many emotions were brought out of me with each song. Yes, I was really young, about 6 years old, and I loved them so much. Then about a year later, the hell in my life began. My dad left, (I rarely ever see him anymore), trust was gained and lost, I was homeless for about a year, but I would rather not get into the details. I'm still struggling but it's much better than it was. While I was going through those tough times, I listened to MCR, so I wasn't really alone. I listen to them now and realized some of the songs told a story of my life, songs such as Helena, Welcome to the Black Parade, and even one of the newer songs such as The World Is Ugly etc. I had a different connection with each song, and each one brought up memories. When I found out that My Chemical Romance had ended, I was devastated at first.