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Happy birthday Ray

Happy birthday Ray Toro!!!!! :D

I <3 my dog

My dog is fucking amazing :). She chews and scratches up all my furniture, destroys every pair of pants I own, barks all fucking night, steals all my things, and tries to eat my cat. Today I left my phone on my couch while I went to go get something from my basement. When I came back I saw that she had bit my phone making the battery and phone itself all screwed up. I'm missing a key on my keypad and one is about to fall out. I wouldn't be that upset if I hadn't just gotten a new one because I broke my first and second. So fuck my life.
Oh yeah my dog is also a 7 pound pug...Doesn't she

airport security hates me

hey guys, so last sunday i went to aruba for vacation. I just got back yesterday at like 3 am. But since i live in america i had to fly (which i was super excited about). So i had to go through customs of course. After i went through that big tube thingy that like takes some sort of x-ray or something they said my jacket set something i was like fuuuuck but whatever. So they gave me a quick pat down and swiped my palms and shit...they found nothing. After that i was good so i was like umm ok?

I dont know whether to be happy or upset

hey guys, so I decided to wear one of my MCR shirts today and was so happy an stuff. Then in english the substitute teacher came up to me and goes " I like your shirt" and I was like *epic win* thank you! XD then he turned around and goes,"I would've liked it better five months ago when they were still a band" and I was D: ur so mean and on the inside I was like F*CK YOU!!!!!!!! idk whether to be happy that a teacher knows who MCR is or pissed off that he said that grrrr! what do u guys think?

MCR store?

I don't know if maybe it's just my computer, but I went to go to the "goods" part of this site and it's not the same as it was. I want that mother f*cking fun ghoul vest and Kobra kid jacket! If anyone knows how to get to that part of the store thing that used to be there can you tell me please... my grandma wants to get me something for my eighth grade graduation and I really want that vest! Thankuz ;)

Boston Bombing

I heard about the boston bombing a couple minutes ago, all my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected and anyone in boston at the moment. Hope all you guys are okay <3 <3 <3

Killjoy forever

My mom says I need to find a new band that I can connect to. She says mcr "gave up" and this makes me really mad. I don't care if I never got to see them in concert because I had their music and I loved their purpose. My Chemical Romance saves lives and I love that they aren't fake. My Chemical Romance is and always will be my favorite band.
They may have broken up but their shadow lives on without them.

I feel accomplished

My best friend has been a killjoy longer than me and also introduced me to the band but she didn't have an account on this website so i just convinced he to make one. I'm happy now :3

happy birthday gerard!

(12:00 AM) It's officially April 9! Happy 36th birthdayGee! We love you!!! :D
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday dear Gerard
happy birthday to u! :)

This is it??

I love MCR so much even though I just started listen to them a few months ago. They really changed my life for the better. They made me realize that it's okay to not be okay and that I should love myself for who I am. I feel like I can really connect to Gerard, Mikey, Frank, and Ray which makes me love them even more. Every one of their songs is amazing and has a meaning to it. I don't have a favorite because I love them all so much. It really pains me to see them leave us like this without giving us a reason but I will never stop loving this band with all my heart and soul. <3