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Kobra kid gun

i ordered all the killjoy guns, but when i opened the kobra kid gun came broken :(
i called the company earlier today and told them and they said that if i send it back, they would send a new one back, but im not sure if they still have it. so i dont know if i should send it back, or superglue it together...

teehee i stole this

Put your iPod on, click shuffle and answer the questions with the titles of the songs that come up

If I had a band, it would be called: Come Together

When I die, my headstone will say: In My Life

At my wedding, in my vows I will say: My Happy Ending

If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: Goofy Goober Rock xD

When I leave high school, I will be most remembered for: Blood :o

When my boy/girlfriend makes me mad I tell him/her: I Don't Love You xD

When I party I like to: Hang 'Em High

When People send me annoying forwards, I scream: Thank You For The Venom

When I go out, people look at


yay! im 14 today! :D
the best bday present would be if i could meet mcr, of course xD




ive spent all day trying to learn "teenagers" on my guitar. my fingers hurt and im pretty sure the strings on my guitar are about to break from trying to learn ray's solo, but it was all worth it :)

i need a new guitar...

im thinking of getting a new guitar. ive saved up $500 for it, but my parents might pitch in $100.
i LOVE franks guitar!

so, mcrmy, i need your help. what are your favorite guitars?

im bored, and i found this x)

[x] Achluophobia - Fear of darkness...
[x] Acrophobia - Fear of heights...
[x] Agliophobia - Fear of pain...
[ ] Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or crowds...
[ ] Agyrophobia - Fear of crossing the street...
[x] Aichmophobia - Fear of needles or pointed objects...
[ ] Amaxophobia - Fear of riding in a car...
[ ] Androphobia - Fear of men...
[x]Anginophobia - Fear of angina or choking
[ ] Anthrophobia - Fear of flowers...
[ ] Anthropophobia - Fear of people or society...
[ ] Aphenphosmphobia - Fear of being touched...
[x]Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders...
[ ] Arithmophobia - Fear of

im most like gerard


() You’re born in April
() You’ve been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
() You’re a born leader
(x) You love drawing and you do it well
(x) You love singing
(x) You don’t take sh** from anyone
(x) You’re afraid of needles
(x) You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
(x) You’ve got siblings and you love them
(x) You’re the oldest child
Total: 7
(x) You’re born in July
(x) You play the guitar
() You’ve got a scar on your head
() You can’t swim
( ) You’ve got a fro!
( ) You’re 6’1”
(x) You’re shy
() You wear contact lenses
(x) You’re called


my first mcr concert!!! we woke up at 4 in the morning and my mom drove my friend and i 6 hours just to see them. we waited for 2.5 hours in line. the first band that played was the architects. they were pretty good. the second band, circus... something or the other... was terrible!!! mcr was amazing though <3. my hand was 1 foot away from GERARD WAY!!!! my friend and i went from the mid-front to almost the front to the very back. lets just say, there were some people at the concert who didnt deserve to call themselves killjoys.


Happy bday! Keep being super duper cute! :)