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I almost cried...

happy birthday!!! :)

revenge armband

i need a revenge armband for my halloween costume. does anyone know where i could get one? i tried ebay and i googled it, but all of the results are from years ago. it looks like this:

i need some help...

so for my halloween costume, i need one of the mcr armbands. i can't find one on ebay. if anyone knows a place where i can get one, can you tell me? thanks :)
midnight mystery

So many killjoys :D

There are tons of killjoys at my high school. i thought my friend and i were gonna be the only people who liked mcr, but i was wrong. the first killjoy i met was one who was on the cheer team with some of my friends. my friends made friends with her, and it turns out, she loves mcr as much as me xD. i saw this girl wearing a "dont google yourself" shirt one day.

It was a week full of stealing

on tuesday, my phone, phone case, headphones, and the $6 i had in my backpack all got stolen. then today, MCR caught mike stealing. let's hope all the dirty, rotten thieves in this world learn a lesson. mike was booted from the best band in the entire universe, and if my thief gets caught, he or she will be either suspended or expelled.

thanks :)

thanks to those killjoys who commented on my other post earlier :)
thanks for supporting me :)


If you think that should restock on ray guns leave comments below!!!
Repost this please

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I should have never sent it back

sorry, i just need to vent. i sent my broken kobra kid gun back to warner bros, because one of the people that we talked to said that they could replace it. so of course, with my amazing luck, it couldnt get replaced. so i asked them to send it back, and with another stroke of the best luck in the world, they said they couldnt find it and they couldnt send it back. lucky me. i should have never returned it in the first place. now i have an incomplete collection. im probably never gonna find another kobra kid gun.

i dont want fucking credit!!!

so i got an email from warner bros saying that they dont have the kobra kid gun in stock (to replace the broken one they sent me) so they gave me credit on the mcr store account. I DONT WANT FUCKING CREDIT!!! I WANT MY KOBRA KID GUN!!! if anyone knows someone or a website that has a kobra kid gun, can you please tell me because i have an incomplete gun collection now.

midnight mystery