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original song (based on the fault in our stars)

hey guys it would mean the world to me if you could watch this and tell me what you think of it! :D i wrote this song based on the fault in our stars by john green

Thought you guys might like this :)

stumbled across this, after someone insisted that the lyrics to 1985 by bowling for soup were "stacy, madonna", when it's actually "Springsteen, madonna" xD
but yeah... enjoy :)

Wear your shirts, killjoys

In honor of skye, who was beaten to death for wearing an mcr shirt, please wear your shirts on monday. :(


happy ieroween killjoys!!! and happy 30th birthday frank!!! FOR TREES...

My killjoy jacket :)
jacket contest

what links do you use to enter the contest? can you just post a blog on here with the pictures and use that? or do you have to put it on a different website?

10/5/11- honda civic tour

10/5 was the best day of my life. the honda civic tour was amazing :)
my friend and i brought this huge poster that said "MCRmy California loves My Chemical Romance" and we held it up a few times. the first time, mikey looked over and squinted as he was reading it, then turned away and smiled. WE BROKE THE POKERFACE!!! then we held it up a second time, when gee was looking over, and he pointed to it :D
during an awkward silence, my friend screamed "I LOVE YOU FRANKIE" and he smiled :)
ray whipped his fro back and forth x)
my feet and legs and throat still hurt, because even though we were


i got my first box of frankenberry cereal today. i cant wait to try it tomorrow morning!! gerard would be proud hehe x)


Majors & minors!

did anyone watch it? grace jeanette was on it!! she plays the little girl in the na na na and sing music videos.

my hair! :D

i FINALLY got a gerard-way-red color streak in my hair. it looks amazing!! my best friend dyed the tips of her hair the same color and we look awesome! xD
I love my hair now :3