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Post-Apocalypse Ch. 5

Sorry If This One Sucks A Bit....I'm Just Really Lazy And My Head Is Kinda Malfunctioning Right Now x] I Just Needed Something To Do Today So Here It Is.......
After About An Hour Of Running, And Another Hour Of Fist Fighting, We Finally Made It Out. Our Newest Destination Wasn't As......Pleasant As Before. It Was An Abandoned Hut We Found Along The Way.

Mikey's Blog.......

You Know What I've Been Noticing Lately.....Gerard, Frank, And Ray Are Now Starting To Blog More, And Are Starting To Become Active On The Site Again.

Pedicone....Never Had Any Respect For Him Really.....Certainly Won't Now >_<

Okay, So If You Go To The News Portion Of The Sight (Like I'm Sure Everyone Has) Frank Wrote Us About How Pedicone Was Caught Red-Handed Stealing From The Band. So This Blog Is Pretty Much Just An Extension Of The Comment I Wrote On His Blog Post. I Really Don't Want Any Hate Comments Or Anything, But I Just Have To Say This. I Never Really Liked Him In The First Side. And I'm Not Just Saying This To Be On The "Winning" Side, Or The Side With "More Power" But I Really Mean This. When I First Saw Him Come Into The Band, I Already Knew I Wasn't Going To Like Him.

I'm Most Like Gerard Way!!!!(: (Barely Though 0.0)

I Love Posting These Quiz Type Blogs, So If You Have Any, Message Me With Them(:

Gerard Way:
[] Born in April (April 9th to be exact! :D)
[] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[X]Born a leader
[x] You love drawing and you do it well
[X] You love singing
[X] You don't take crap from anyone
[] You're afraid of needles
[]You call your friends by their last names instead of their first
[X] You have siblings and love them
[x]You have brown/green eyes
6 out of 10
Mikey Way:
[] Born in September
[] You play bass
[x]You have asthma (I Put An X Next To It, But I'm Not Counting It Cuz He

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 4

-With The Killjoys-
As Soon As Poison Was Positive That Ray-Gun Was Asleep, He Quietly Snuck Out Of Her Room And Went To The Meeting Quarters. If He Was Right, The Rest Of The Guys Were Still In There. And Of Course, He Was Right. As Soon As He Walked In, All Eyes Were On Him. But Nobody Spoke. After A Moment's Silence, Ghoul Shot The First Question.
"Does She Hate Me?" Poison Had Never Seen Ghoul So Vulnerable. What Was Up With Him?. He's Been Acting Really Weird Lately.
"No." He Answered. And Just That. A Simple No. Kobra's Question Was Next.
"How Is She?". He Looked Just As Concerned.

My Best Friend Is Amazing(:

Okay. So I'm Gunna Take A Break From My Fan Fic Post Apocalypse To Tell You About How Amazing My Best Friend Jenna Is. Well I've Known Her Since Kindergarten And We've iBeen Together Throuh Everything. And As Most Of You Know, Today Is The Dhay That It's Been Four Months Since My Close Friend Andrew Died. So I Was Planning On Spending My Day Being Sad And Listening To My Chemical Romance And Looking At some old pictures but because she is awesome she took me to the dodger game(: Im so lucky to have a friend like her. love you jenna(:

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 3

I Know I Said I Was Only Going To Do About 10 Chapters But I'm Planning On Doing More Because I'm Getting Really Into This(: Ahah. This One's For You Andrew(:
Poison Was Referring To My Depression. When I Was 11, My Best Friend Died. Ever Since Then I Went Through Long Periods Of Depression, And In Those Times Kind, Thoughts Of Suicide Returned To Me, And So Did My Vulnerability. But Now, I Was Becoming This Way More Often Then I Should.

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 2

Chapter 2-
I Went To My Room And Slammed The Door Shut. I Turned On My iPod While I Was At It. Even Though My Chemical Romance Were The Most Wanted Criminals, The Were Still My Favorite Band. Always Making Me Feel Better.
And So I Put On My Favorite Song Ever By Them: Disenchanted. Ge--Sorry I Keep Forgetting I Still Have To Talk In Our Code. Poison Had Told Me That Supposedly He Wrote It For Me.

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 1

Alright, So Out Of Boredom, I Want To Start A Fan Fic! :D I'm Probably Not The Best Writer But Whatever. It'll Only Be About Ten Chapters Cause I Don't Want To Think It Out To Much x] Alright, Lets Start(: (Note: I'm Regan x])
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
8 Years Ago, Back In 2011, People Knew Me As Regan. Or More Specifically, Regan Martinez. I Had Four Best Friends.

Stay Strong Fellow Killjoys!/:

I Know That I'm New To The Site, And I'm Blogging My Brains Out But This Here Is
Now, Everybody's Been Hearing About Hurricane Irene On The News Lately, And That The Worst It Still To Come. Severe Damage Has Already Been Done And It Breaks My Heart To Say It But It's Not Over. But Still Fellow Killjoys
This Is A Devastating Time, And To Hear All My Fellow Killjoys Become Worried, And Scared, And Sad Pains Me. Half Of You Guys I Don't Even Know, But It Still Hurts Me To Hear People So Upset. We're Not Just A Bunch Of Strangers Who All Love The Same Band.