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Post-Apocalypse Ch.10

Sorry I haven't written in a while. Not like you guys actually read them anyways xD Song for this one is SING:

-Back at the motel-
Me and Mikey waited in thick anticipation. I was desperately waiting for the guys to come back okay. We had already been back for two hours. That should have been more tha enough time. Mikey just sat there, but I kept myself busy by drawing, writing, things like that. We were sitting in perfect silence until Mikey asked the first question:
"Are you okay Ray?"
That was a good question. Was I okay? I wanted to say yea even though I knew it wasn't true.

What We Actually Do In Lego Class x] (I mean robotics)

Oh gosh I swear, me and my friends are such dorks x] I took this video yesterday during robotics but didn't get a chance to post it >.< Haha you're going to think that my friends and I are acting like this just because I'm recording, but this is actually our normal behavior x] (if we even have such a thing as that) The guy you see a lot of is my best friend Alexis. He's pretty amazing. He's been there for me through a lot of tough things such as my break up today. Haha. He's amazing ( but very violent) Enjoy my killjoys(:
-Twisted Ray-Gun x]

MCR Concert or iPod Touch?

So.... my birthday's in like two weeks.... and so is the MCR concert in my town. I was so excited to go because my mom promised me that us two would go for my birthday. Actually, scratch that, I was beyond excited. I started crying from being so happy about being able to go. But today... two weeks ahead.... my mom tells me that we can't go anymore. She said that instead she'll buy me an iPod touch, and maybe give me her old iPhone when she upgrades. Now, I've been trying to save up for a touch for a LOOONNNGGG time, and I've had the same iPod nano for five years now.

My MCR Artwork

So These Are Some Of My MCR Inspired Artworks(:
I'm Personally Pretty Proud Of Them(:
I Have The Three Album Covers For: Revenge, Danger Days, And The Black Parade(:
I Also Have A Collage That I Made For The Front Of My Binder. I'm Very Proud Of That To x] Haha.
My Friend Told Me That My Cover For Revenge Looked Better Than The Original. Now As We All Know, Gerard Way Himself Did The Cover. So, When She Told Me This I Started C R Y I N G. It Was Pretty Funny But At The Same Time I Was Like Oh. My. God. I Cannot Believe You Just Said That x] Haha.

My Lego Robotics Class(:

So Right Now I'm In My Lego Robotics Class!!! Seriously, How Awesome Is That!? Basically, I'm Getting School Credit For Playing With Legos ^-^ It's Pretty Awesome. Right Now, Me And My Partner Are Trying To Figure Out How This Mission Is Supposed To Work. We're Pretty Retarded. Okay... I Spelled This Wrong The First Time So I Feel Even More Stupid x] Well... I Was Just Bored Because My Partners Testing It On The Table Right Now So I Thought I'd Blog While I Was Waiting(: Haha.

It's Getting Better All The Time.....

Ever Since School Began....Things Are Definitely Starting To Take A Turn For The Better(:
Now, For About The Past Few Weeks, I've Been Coming To The Realization Of How Lucky I Am. I Have An Amazing Boyfriend Who Makes Me Feel Way Safer And Happier Than Anyone I've Ever Been With. I Have Amazing Friends Who Are Starting To Be There For Me More And More Now That We're All Starting To Mature A Bit More. My Parents Are Still On The Iffy Side, But I'm Coming To Realize That They're Intentions Are For The Better(: My School Year Has Taken Off To A Great Start.

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 9

The Song For This One Is Bulletproof Heart(: Enjoy(:
With Our Ray-Guns Ready, And A Totally New Killjoy Group, We Were Ready. But Ready For What? That's What I Couldn't Tell. But All I Knew Was That It Was Going To Be Something Big. It Was Pretty Late At Night. But Did We Care? Of Course Not. We Were Messing Around, Having A Good Time. Just Like We Used To. Of Course, It Felt Like It Was Getting Kind Of Cramped In There, So I Stepped Outside.

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 8

Sorry If The Last One Sucked. I Know It Was Very Short. Sorry About That. My Computer Literally Had Like 2 Minutes Of Battery Left And I Couldn't Find The Charger! :o But Yeah. I Found The Charger So This One Will Be Longer, And MOre Interesting I Promise(: Haha. Okay So The Song now Is "NaNaNa". So Here It Is........
As Soon As We Came Back From The Scrap Yard.... It Was As If We Hit The Jack Pot! We Had Everything We Needed.

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 7

Well Hey. Here's Chapter 7 And It Shouldn't Suck As Bad As The Others.....It Is Getting Close To The End Of The Story, So I'm Going To Start Throwing In Song Quotes From Danger Days So....Well You'll See Why. The Quotes Will Be Going Order Of The Track List So Let's Start!......
When Me And Ghoul Walked In....Well The Room Just Kinda Lit Up. Poison Jumped Up And Ran Over To Me To Hug Me. He Had Tears In His Eyes. He Whispered Into My Ear
"I Thought

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 6

Alright Chapter 6. Like I Said At The End Of Ch. 5, You Can Skip This One If You Want. It's Not Very Important To The Story Line. So Here It Is.......
Finally I Was Able To Find Him. I'm Surprised It Was That Hard. We Were In The Middle Of No Where. It Shouldn't Have Been That Hard To Find Somebody. When I Did Find Him Though, He Was Sitting On A Bench, Just Looking Up At The Sky. No Stars Out Tonight.
"Can I Sit With You?" I Asked Him Softly.