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Let's Pretend...

That you were still here, and that in two weeks you'll be 12 to. But like I said, I can only pretend. But that can only happen in my head. Because you're dead. And that's all you will be. Tomorrow is my birthday. You know that Andrew. You're my best friend, so of course you knew that. And because I'm your best friend, I know that your birthday is in two weeks. I also know that you were supposed to turn 12 to. But you're not. You can't anymore, and you'll never be able to. You should be here Andrew. You should have girlfriend that loves you and have the chance to get older.

My Story..... -repost-

Hey Killjoys(: Some of you guys have seen this before, it being my first blog and all. However, I thought I'd repost this. I'm seeing a lot of you guys going through a rough time ad so I want to be here to help you. Believe me, I'm not tryingtk make it seem like I think of myself as some sort of hero or something, it's just that I want to make you guys see you're not alone. Also, I've been seeing a lot of new people(: woot woot! :D Haha. So this being my very first blog from back in August, I want all the new recruits of the MCR'my to know that they'll be accepted no matter what(;

Another Day......

Well good morning my fellow Killjoys(: How's this fine(ish) day treating you all? Haha. It's like 5:30 in the morning here in L.A but still, that doesn't mean I can't blog :P Haha. So... I have school today. Yay (says sarcastically) I mean don't get me wrong.... School's actually pretty good. I get good grades, I have a large group of people that I can call friends and goof around with. My boyfriend Alexis is wonderful (after me and Isaiah broke up, me and him worked out things), and I have my birthday to look forward to on Thursday... So life should be good... But it's not.

The End.

So... A lot of you Killjoys are going to the MCR concert tonight... The same one I was supposed to go to): Some of you know this... Most of you probably don't 'cause no one keeps up with my blogs anyways x] Haha. Well.... I'm sitting here am depressed about not being able to tonight.... But then I thought in probably not the only one not able to go.

Theme Song Challenge(: (MCR Edition)

I know I already did this one, but I'm bored so I'm going to do the MCR only version(: And..... Begin!(;
Put your iPod on shuffle and see what song comes on for each category(: And....... BEGIN!:
1. If I had a band it'd be called: Planetary (Go!) (Uhh .... Alrighty then....)
2. When I die, my headstone will say: Teenagers (so they're the ones who killed me?)
3. At my wedding, in my vows I will say: Destroya (well... That's gonna be an always wedding...)
4. If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: Welcome To The Black Parade ( so I kill them?)
5. When my boyfriend makes me mad I tell

Just Sleep....

Well.... Hey everyone. How's it going? There's nothing really to do, so I thought I'd get online :I I don't know about everyone else who reads this, but here in L.A, it's 1:43 in the morning. I don't know why, but I just can't seem to sleep. I guess it's just because of everything that's been going on lately/: If you guys haven't noticed, I don't do very well under stress -.- Things look like there starting to turn up but still..... Things could be better. Is anyone up to talk?

Theme Song Challenge(; (yes I stole this :3)

Put your iPod on shuffle and see what song comes on for each category(: And....... BEGIN!:
1. If I had a band it'd be called: The Kids From Yesterday by My Chemical Romance (not a bad name if you ask me x] )
2. When I die, my headstone will say: Midnight Hands by Rise Against (uhh okay.....)
3. At my wedding, in my vows I will say: The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance (makes a bit of sense)
4. If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: Teenagers by My Chemical Romance (LMFAO that actually makes sense)
5. When my boyfriend makes me mad I tell him: Surivor Guilt by Rise Against

"I just wanna scream, how can this happen to me?....."

I've always had to be the one who stays strong. I'm always the one who has to be ready to take charge when something goes wrong. But lately..... That's not so easy anymore. I've been feeling so low. So lost and lonely and scared. Nothing is seeming to make sense anymore. To me, everything is so confusing now and it frustrates me so much when I try to make sense of it all! All I could think about this week for some reason was Andrew. Just thinking about him has made it so hard to get through everything else. Not only that, but Isaiah and I broke up on Monday.

Post-Apocalypse Ch.12

Here's chapter 12. Haha. It's funny how I write and nobody even reads x] lol. Well anyways, the song for this one is The Only Hope For Me Is You. Just a heads up, I'm going to be ending the series soon because it seems to be getting a bit off track, and like I said, it's not like anyone reads it anyways x] Well anyways, here it is:
-The next morning during their meeting-
"We're going to attack the BLI."
Everybody's face automiatically shot up to look at Gerard.

Post-Apocalypse Ch.11

The song for this one shall be (my favorite) Planetary (Go!) Oh, and just as something that make me happy and I wanted to write: I can play "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day on guitar :D Haha. So on with the story:
For a moment, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment, and I was happy and satisfied. But like I said, it only lasted for a moment. As soon as the moment ended, I was automatically filled with regret, and sadness.