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I'm so in love with him it hurts! He's practically my best friend. He likes MCR to by the way(: he's so amazing it makes it all so breath taking. Every time I see him I see someone new; always better than the day prior. He listens to me and helps. He cares about me a lot; I know that. But not the way I like him. He knows I like him, but he has no idea how MUCH I love him. He'd probably find it stupid but it's true. He means everything to me! But does he like me back? All I want is for him to understand my feelings for him. I don't want anything more.

The Dove Keeper...

So I started to read The Dove Keeper. It's a Frerard story. Now, like I already established, I'm NOT a Frerard fan usually but this story is incredibly AMAZING. I just started reading and I think I'm on about part 20 :P But yeh, it's incredible! I highly suggest reading. It's gets a bit graphic toward the middle, but nonetheless it's awesome. It makes you think about things in a new way. For some people though I will admit it is a TAD inappropriate but for the most part the concept of it is pretty clear and makes sense in the full context of the story. Joweer, that's just my opinion.

Hmmm.... And So...

I hear Gerard Way is dead.... Now just where did you people hear this? I'd really like to know because I haven't even heard about this at all until I read a blog that said 'GW isn't dead' and I was like okay... So yeah can you guys please tell me where you guys got that from? Oh, and by the way, don't you think it's kind of obvious he didn't die?

More Gimmie More....

If you guys can, can you post me the link to a good fan fiction/ love story? I really want to read some new ones!(: also I'm usually NOT a big Frerard fan but if Thad all you have then I'll take it. Please help me out here guys. I don't even care how long it is. (I'd preferably like to have I pretty long though :P) thanks guys, it means a lot. I'd like the links ASAP please!(: look alive sunshines(:

Starting To See Just How Beautiful The World Really Is....

Sorry if the video's in really crappy quality. But anyways, heres a song I wrote for you guys. Like I say on the video this is inspired by your comments from my last blog. You guys are making me realize just how beautiful the world really is. Please watch. This is all for you<3

Way Down...

I give up. I'm done trying. Everything is just too hard to handle. My heart is broken far beyond repair. My minds gone in to a thousand different directions and there's no way of getting it back to one place. There's so much hatred toward me it's unbearable. Nothing means anything anymore. Death is my only painless escape. I can't cut anymore. Nobody understands me if I speak what I feel. Death is the only escape I have left. Gerard Way.... My Chemical Romance let me down, just like everyone else. They lied to me. They mislead me. They made me feel like things would be okay.

The World Is Ugly.

Today. Today was definately something. It started in third period. I don't know if anyone of you guys except Helen knew this but I went back to cutting. I got caught.
In third period we were reading. I was trying to scratch my arm. My teacher saw. I didn't think she notices but apparently she did. While we were working on writing later on during the class, she took me outside. She asked are you cutting yourself. Obviously I said no. She asked to see my wrist. I said no, they're just scars from a long time ago. She kept asking what was going on. I kept refusing to answer.

Post-Apocalypse Ch. 14

Well hey Killjoys(: Here's chapter 14. The song for this one is "Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back". Hope you guys like it. If you guys do read this though can you please comment? I feel like I'm writing this for nothing/: Well like I said, enjoy.
*Back to Ray's Point Of View*
I awoke to a horrible throbbing pain in my head. It must've been really early in the morning. I knew for a fact that it wasn't night.

Post-Apocalypse ch. 13

Sorry for not posting in a while/: Only about four or five more chapters until it's over! Haha I bet you guys are happy about that Cx I'm asking if you guys could read and comment? You don't have to but I was just kinda hoping for a bit of feedback/: Well the song for this one is Party Poison. Enjoy C:
So much time had passed since the Dracs caught me, but I couldn't really tell HOW much time exactly. All I know is that a battle raged on around me.

Best. Day. Ever. (nah not really but still :P)

Ohemgee so the most AMAZING thing happened today at school! Okay, so we had this assembly thingy for school. it was called like Get A Grip or something like that. It was about self control or something.. BUT ANYWAYS! In the beginning they showed the names of the artists who were in the movie thing and it said My Chemical Romance and I TOTALLY started to spazz out cx it was pretty funny. And then at the end they started to play SING and I COMPLETELY FREAKED! like I swear I was screaming and jumping up and down in my chair and yeah.