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Spam >.<

My Chem said that spam would automatically be deleted... what happened to that? The fact that there's so much of it is getting on my nerves. For god's sake I'm even getting spam comments (which saddens me 'cause I take my comments very personally). Go away already -________________- Sorry to waste your time with this blog, but it's still better than spam ^.^ Comment my lovelies 'cause.. you know... comments make me happy ^.^

Battle Of The Bands...

Hello my lovelies(: It's been too long)x So much has gone on, and I'd love to tell you about all of it, but that's not why I'm here. For the moment, my originals are on pause because I need to work on some covers. I'm auditioning for a Battle Of The Bands competition and I reeeeaaallllyyy need your guys' help!!! The audition requirements are: A picture, a Bio, and a Demo (of the songs I'd be playing that night). Now, this is where my loverly Killjoys come in(: I need three covers STAT!! Now let me tell you what I'm thinking (it's really simple)v:
1. Well known songs (I want to be able to get

I'm Officially A Freak.

Yesterday I went to go get a hair cut. And apparently I had lice -.- so I had to go through this long painful process to get everything out. And I didn't get to school today. Let me tell you now, I wasn't really aware that anything was even there bit the whole concept of having tiny little bugs crawling around your scalp is so psychologically disturbing. Even though everything's gone, I'm so paranoid it's not even funny. And I can't even tell my friends because then they're not gonna want to come near me. Oh, and me and Isacc broke up.

Where To Find Me C:

Hiya people on this planet C: Just thought I'd tell you guys there are now other places you can find me besides C; If you have a Formspring or a Tumblr; PLEASE(!) PLEASE(!) Follow me? I promise I'll return the favor C:
Thanks you guys. It means a lot C: Just let me know you're from the MCR'my :P
Oh, and can you guys comment on this? Because... Y'know... Comments make me happy ^.^ Ahah.
So please follow guys C: Thanks! C:
-Only&Always Jasey.

Falling In- Jasey Rae ( New Song C: )

Told you guys I would have a new song up by Wednseday ^.^' This song is called 'Falling In'. Basically this song describe my struggle with cutting, but after a while stopped. And the heartbreak that came when my friends found that I had gone back to doing it behind their backs. This may not be my best song, but the story it tells is the most important to me C: I hope you guys can relate and enjoy. Let me know what you think C:

Falling In- Jasey Rae

Verse 1: 
Sometimes it hurts, to see you smile. 
'Cause you think I'm alright. 
Sometimes it hurts, to see you laughing. 
'Cause you don't know

Updates C: ( Read & Comment!! ... Because Comments Makes Me Happy C: )

(let me try again by putting this back in Zone 6 -.-)
Well Hiya C: Just here with a few updates on the oh so boring happenings of my life xP vv
Número Uno: A lot of you have been saying that you like my songs and that you're excited for more (which I have to admit makes me very happy ^.^), so I thought I'd let you know what's going on with that situation. I know I said that I was focusing on 2,000 Miles (which is now renamed Distance), but I've put that off due to an idea. I was feeling really low and sad today so I put it off and go to writing and vuala: My song is 2/3 done.

Eep!!! C: (Keep Reading 'Cause I Need Your Help xP)

So like most schools around here, my school is having a dance for Valentines Day. A lot of people had been asking me if I was going to go, and I said only if Isacc (my boyfriend) properly asked me.
I know it was sort of a selfish type of thing... But I had started having doubts with the relationship, so I wanted to see what he would try. Well my best friend/wing women Abby said who knows what to him and this is how I ended Friday; him showing me two tickets to the dance and him saying; So umm... Justine, do you... Want to go to the dance with me?

House of Wolves.

I've been writing,writing,writing away people. After thursday, I've entered a writing frenzy. It feels like there's a House of Wolves in my head with all of the ideas I have; hence the title of my blog xP
I can tell you now though the one that I'm focused on at the moment is called "2,000 Miles" and it's about my two best friends Christopher and Helena, who both live over 2,000 miles away from L.A which is where I live.
One last thing, I'd appreciate it if you read my last blog to understand my situation... Because I really news your guys' support.

Goodbye- Jasey Rae..

So um.. Today I got news that my great grandfather died... Tomorrow my dad's going up to the dessert with my aunts to cut him off life support... This hurts me. Badly. He's always lived so far away that I only saw him every so often.. But he meant so much to me. More than anyone realized. Than he realized. How often I thought about him, having him in the back of my mind. And now he'll never know. When I found out, I went straight to my room and wrote this song. I don't care if you like it or not or if you want to commen or not; but please read.

Don't Say by Jasey Rae. **PLEASE READ**

Okay, I decided to repost this 'cause no one read -.- So know now, THI ISN'T SPAM OR WHATEVER SO PLEASE (I'm begging you) READ!!! thank you now on with the blog; My song!!! My song is finally finished!! Read this blog first so you get a better understanding; and now my lovelies, the time has come. My writers block has been diminished and I've finally finished the song!! My gig has been set for March 17, so I have plenty of time to fix it up and what not. So, here's my finished copy to run by you guys.