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Well... That's Nice.

'Nough said. Today sucks.. The world fails. Message me -.-

Thank You's/Video Updates(:

Well, the title kind of says it all!(: Thank you all so much for the support and love you've given to me, and to the video! It means so much!(: <3 I just set up an anti-bullying page on Facebook as well!! So check it out pllleeassee??(: It would mean a lot! The link is in the description box of the link for the video ( ) So yeah! Hope you guys check it out and I hope you have a great Sunday!(:

More Gimmie More... ;3

Alrighty well hey!! How you all doing? This is like the fifth time I've posted a blog like this but hey, someone's got to see this eventually, correct? :P I'm into reading fan fictions right now ^.= So this is where you lovely peoples come in. Would you mind giving me the link to the first chapters of some fan fictions?! I REEALLLYYYY want to read some new ones ^.= All of you writers are sooo talented and I would love to read your works!! Just comment or message the links you guys! It would mean a lot to me :33 Thanks and love you! :33

Woah Woah Woah..

Can someone please tell me how someone was able to get into one of my previous blogs, edit it, delete stuff and explain what a mod edit was, and then take off being able to comment on it?? I'm downright confused and scared to blog now -.-" Can someone please explain!?!? Dx (and now that I know what Mod Edit is I found it funny how almost all of Zone 6 was hit by it xD) So yeah EXPLAIN!?!? Dx


THIS BLOG HERE IS FOR ALL DRUMMERS! I am interested in starting a band and I already have a vocalist, guitarist, back up guitarist/pianist, and bass player. BUT I'M MISSING A DRUMMER I live in the Highland Park area in L.A and if you can play a drum set then SWEET!!! Hit me up because you are what the band needs!! Comment or message me your: NAME, AGE, AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!!! PLLLEEEASSSSEEE LEETT MEE KNOOWWW!!! This is all I've ever wanted to do and you guys can make it happen ^.= I'm into starting a band of rock and alternative stylings.

Mod Edit???

Uhh... I guess I've been out of the loop for a bit because what the fish is Mod Edit???

Post edited: Please refrain from posting blogs about rumors. They are not true, and there is no reason to spread them. I left the last bit in, because it has nothing to do with the rumour. A "mod edit" is when a moderator edits your blog because it breaks a rule or contains something inappropriate for this website. Rumours have no place on this website. All you need to know is that whatever you hear, it is absolutely not true. Some people just jumped to the wrong conclusions.

My Story (This Is Who I Am)

*******PLEASE WATCH AND READ********
Well hey MCR'my. How've you guys been?(: This video right here is my story. And I put here for two reasons; One: Because I want you guys to know who I REALLY am. And Second: Because this video is also dedicated to YOU GUYS!!! You guys picked me up when I was down, helped me through my hardest times, and taught me to keep going. Some of you guys went out of your way to write encouraging messages, comment on past blogs to make me feel better, and simply made conversation with me when I was lonely.

My New Phone(: Please Read!!! I NEED HELP!!!

Aha. Hey Killjoys(: That up there is a picture of me and my NEW PHONE!!! The second one is my old sucky one -.- (You can tell because I'm hanging my head in shame :P) You can see the gratefullness of the upgrade ^.^" Well, because Metro PCS doesn't use Sim Cards, I can't transfer any of my old pictures or ringtones over x.x" So I need your guys' help!! Do you know of any websites where I can download music and pictures for free?

BACK!! :D (read and comment please :])

Hey peoples of the MCR'my! How've you guys been?! I haven't been on here in sooo long xP Well, I've actually been on here quite often. I just hardly comment or blog because my iPod lags it xP
I've missed you guys a lot! I really hope you guys message me and tell me how've you been, anything you have to say about my past blogs (which I ask you guys view), or if you just want to rant. Or comment those things!! I'm always looking for new friends on here, because as you all know, Killjoys are beyond awesome ;D
Also, I've been considering recording some covers and some of my original songs and

Less Than My Best...

*I AM BEGGING SOMEONE TO READ* Well um... Hey peoples... It's been a while. I've had so much to tell everyone but I just don't seem to have time anymore... But even when I am here, it seems like I'm not very well wanted anymore. It used to be before I would log on with message after message asking how I was, or friend requests all thanking me for being nice... But nothing anymore except for the notification that's been there since I first joined. So I'm just asking now, please don't ignore this. I NEED someone right now. At school, I have no friends.