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Harvest Crusade 2012 EXPERIENCE :3

Welllll that video? ^^ Took about 5 hours to make -.-" But anywys, it's a recollection of the footage and stuff I got from going to the Harvest Crusades at Dodger Stadium yesterday! Ohmyway; seriously you guys it was fishing AMAZING!! :D The music is soooo freaking awesome and the speaker was amazing. It's seriously a life changing experience. ESPECIALLY when you get to go with those closest to you! <3 I went with my best friends a.k.a my youth group. It was such a good time and I highly encourage that you guys check it out next year!

Three Cheers For Mikey! :D (Read&Comment)

Well, let me start with, I'm a HUUUGGGEEE Mikey fan ^.= <3
Yup, a fan of the one member who says just about nothing.
Anyways, you know how people say that you learn something new everyday? SO TRUE!!! :O
I just learned that Mikey's bipolar!! D: I knew he had a breakdown, and that he had to leave for a bit,
But not the full story! Dunno why but I started crying....
Anyways! I just have to say I think that's awesome! It's even more of a reason for me to love him!
But I just have to say, (and don't think I'm a troll -.-) I think it's sad that Gerard's story gets all the recognition!):
I mean,

Bandwagon~ing :3

So, I decided to hop on the band wagon and post a blog about the new site.
Finally a new era is on the way!!! :D
I bet this is going to be a mix of old MCR, plus Danger Days.
Whatever the case, let me tell you;
The new logo looks AMAZING!!
It's so different than the other ones we were used to, but it looks amazing!!
I lllooovveee how the site looks! I love how the new text looks and the colors!!
Honestly, this is going to be a freaking amazing era you guys!! ^.=
Can't WAIT for the new album to be here!! :D

So Today...

I started my new school... I hate it!!):
I miss my old school!);
Up there is a picture I took last year with all of my friends.
The only people I really had.
And now I'm gone at some new school
Where no one wants to even make an effort to talk to the new "emo" kid):
I'm gonna miss them/:
My cousins been really cool with me though...
It's nice to have her around now that I live near her.
Except she's a freshman and I'm an 8th grader);
There's another picture for that :P Aha.
I got a new hair cut for school too..
I look like an idiot >.< (freaking ugly)
But what's

I Am A Refugee >:D

Hah. Nah, not really.
Well... actually yeah I am. Details to come guys!!
But comment because well... In a sentence, my whole life is about to change. Everything.
I've moved on from the past, let's say, and things are going to be a lot different.
Just my dad, my brother, and me.
In a new house, at a new school, with a new life.
I'll explain more when everything settles...
But comment, message me, whatever...
Because I'm.. scared.
I need support from welll...
The only ones I have left/:

FIRST DAY!!! ^0^

Today was my first day guys!!!
I'm officially an eighth grader now!!! :D
It's so weird!!!
I'm on top this year ;D Ahah.
It's crazy!!
First inspection's tomorrow! ;3
This year is going to be sooo awesome!
I know it! ^0^
Wish me luck tomorrow!
Sooo nervous to have to give commands);
But I know your luck will help!! :D
Let me know now your guys' first day was!!! :D
I'd love to know!!!
Over and out guys! ;D

Tonight Was The Night!!! ^0^

Hello everyone!! :D
Well in my last blog I told you guys that I had a game...
WE WON!!! WE'RE 5-0!!!
Just one more game left!!! :D
And... Not ONLY did I get a hit tonight...
For those of you who don't know,
It's when there's a runner on each base and you hit a homerun(:
I got back into Police Academy too!!
I have promotion training which I'm soo excited for!! :D
Well goodnight all of you beautiful people! ;D <3


AHha. A lot of you don't know but;
Been playing it since I was 8 years young ^0^
Well, I've got a game tonight.
Right now my team is 4-0. (UNDEFEATED!!! :D)
SO, I just wanted luck to be wished from my Killjoys ;D
All season I haven't been on base other then from getting walked
And I haven't gotten a hit -.-"
Love you guys!! :D

Blah. Braces Dx

Braces. Freaking. Hurt. Dx
I wish they didn't u.u
Just got my wire changed today.
Along with a coil being added to one side instead of the wire.
It hurts x.x
Any advice?

So We're Awesome..(:

Well, as you can see, there's a picture there :P Ahah.
I just put it up on my Facebook.
I dunno why, but I just wanted to share the caption with you;

"No, I'm not a loser because I like or listen to MCR.
I'm not a part of a death cult, some satanic alliance, or anything like that.
I simply believe that everyone's worth it.
And if MCR's the band that sends that message,
Then so be it."

I believe it's true. I've come to realize that that's one of the main reasons I truly love MCR.
They don't care about the fame and fortune.
They care about US.
And that's why I'm so honored to be a