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Our Final Tribute ; Famous Last Words

Well hello there my lovely Vampires, Revengers, Paraders, and Killjoys(: It's Jasey here, reporting back with the finished product: Our Final Tribute. After two days worth of: editing, sweat, tears, downloaded content, computer crashes, interactions with fans, and careful re-evalutaion, this video has come alive, thanks to you. I would like to first and foremost thank all of you for dedicating your time, effort, stories, artwork, love, support, and encouragement to this video, and to MCR. Since the ending of this band, I don't know how often I'll be on here anymore.

A Final Tribute


MCR'my, let's take two seconds out of our grief and read this. Here's the plan all; I want to make one final tribute. To our heroes. Our saviors of the broken, the beaten and the damned. So, email me any fan art or videos you have. A thank you to the band, your story of how they saved your life, anything!! I am begging you to help me do this!! It's our final thank you to this band for sticking by our side for the past 11 years. Comment if your interested, message me, anything!

More Than An Army (MCR Fan Page)
Hey everyone! Wellp, I've started an MCR fan page :3 I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me out and like the page? It'll take like, five seconds and it would mean a lot to me c: Plus, anyone interested in being an admin? It'd be nice to have some MCR fans(: So could you guys pplleeassee help me with that small favor? It's mean a lot to me(: And let me know about being an admin!
~Jasey :3

YO EVERYONE!! :D (And R.I.P Mitchell Lucker )': </3)

Hey everyone! :D How've you all been? Good I hope(: I haven't posted in forever and it's sad D: I have a lot to tell you all ^.^ For one, my new school still sucks -.-" Like, more than anything. I get bullied and beat on everyday 'cause I like MCR and hate 1D and am actually crying over Mitchell Lucker's death. (R.I.P )':

Hey Everyone!!(; *Please read and comment!! :D*

Hey everyone!! :D Weell that video is a vlog from my friend Jordan and I ^0^ check it out!! But, what I really want you guys to see is at the end!! We're going to be doing a Q&A next week!! so drop your questions for her, me, or both of us! They can be school related, advice related, self harm related, anything really(: I'm trying to get all my questions in by the 12!! I'd really appreciate it if you guys dropped questions to help(: either message them or comment them! Just use this format:
Killjoy and/or

Looking For Admins?

Hey everyone! Do any of you guys have an MCR type page on Facebook? And/or are looking for an admin? Because if you are I'd love to be one ^.^ I always thought being an admin for an mcr page would be beyond awesome ;D My goal is to be an admin to as many pages as possible. You can rely on me for keeping updated on the page, posting regularly and etc. So let me know! Thanks :D

The State I Got Assigned For My Term Paper Is....

NEW FISHING JERSEY!!!! The teacher was calling out the names and what state they were getting, and when he got to mine and said; New Jersey I literally jumped up and was like OH MY WAY YEESS!!!! xD LOL. Anywho, I need your guys' help xP We need at least 3 resources for our paper, and Wikipedia CAN'T BE ONE OF THEM xP (dammit). So if you guys find any websites on the topic you think you could comment? I MUST INCLUDE MCR!!! The five areas I have to focus on for the paper (of my choosing) are: music alumni, sports, colonial exports, education, history of the flag, and famous architecture.

I Was Right To Do What I Did... Right?

Mkay, so let me inform you of the happenings today :P Well, it started with a conversation because of some stupid bully in my class -.-"
Him; are you emo?
Me; what do you mean by "emo"?
Him; I mean emo.
Girl next to him; he means do you cut yourself stupid.
Him; yeah.
Me; hey smart one, emo isn't a stupid label, it's a genre of music. Get it right. *turns around*
Him; I don't want the scientific meaning, I just want to know if you cut yourself or not.
Me; what makes you think so?
Him; just tell me.
Me; I'll tell you if I do or not, just tell me why you think so.
Him; well you wear all black

SING Cover!! :D

My cover of SING you guys!! PPPLLLEEAASSEEE watch and support and stuff!! It's my first one, I just learned keyboard a week ago, and I was supperrr nervous Dx Let me know what you guys think!! Love you all!(:

My Tribute To 9/11

My tribute to 9/11. This video took fooorreeevverrr to make! I really hope you guys enjoy and it helps you realize the true horrors of 9/11! This is for all of you! I'd appreciate it if you commented, subscribed, blah blah blah. It'll mean a lot. Always remember; never forget you guys. Love you all!