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Denver Airport Conspiracy

This scared the hell outta me when we watched it in my Computer Lit. class. :/
am i a bit paranoid? yes.
Do i think this sounds scarily familiar? yes.
am i scared to death that this will most likey happen? ...yes.
here's the second part if you guys get curious.

tell me what you all think...please?

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30 Days of MCR :DAY 4

Day 4 - Favorite song from “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”- I’m Not Okay or Cemetery Drive!

Way down! Way down!

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30 Days of MCR :DAY 3

Favorite song from “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love”- Demolition Lovers, or Desert Song :D

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30 Days of MCR :DAY 2

Day 2 - First MCR song you ever heard- Mama! (I think...I can no member)

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30 Days of MCR :DAY 1

Day 1: Favorite Band Member---Gerard Way!!! XD

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"Life with MCR" Season 2: part 20!!!!

Okay guys, we've reached Chapter 20(!!!!!!!! XD) of Life With My Chemical Romance.
i've made you cry, i've made you laugh, i've pissed you all off with all my obnoxious but fun(for me) cliffhangers. and all i have to show for it, is a bad ass little group of fans and friends to support it and me and a story that helps me channel all my love for Gerard, Frank, Mikey, and Ray into without having to change how i see things.
this is one of the funnest things i've ever written. because of what it is.
All it is, all this story is about, is a girl from the south having a dream come true, and finding family, love and acceptence through many hard battles, both pyhsical and emotional.
So, i'd like to Say Thank You. You guys have been there for me like the guys has for Becki, and I'm grateful. So Thanks for Everything guys.
-Love Blue Poison Ivy A.K.A Becki Blue Ivy Toro Iero Way.

2 very, VERY incredibly boringly LONG weeks later.

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Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Ma- AAAAGGGHHHH!!!

Found this cuz im weird that way, and thought i'd share it with all my wonderfuly strange Siblings.
Enjoy. >:)))

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"Life with MCR" part 19

“Becki?” I felt a hand shake my shoulder gently, making me roll over. I groaned and opened my eyes, sunlight coming through the window, making Gerard’s hair glow. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room. Frank was still asleep on the couch, stretched out and murmuring in his sleep, but Ray and Mikey were gone.

“What Gee?” he stood over me, looking sad. My intuition flickered again.
Something was wrong.

“What’s wrong Gee?” my sleepiness disappeared and I quickly sat up, a sense of foreboding coming over me. He hesitated, and said, his voice going over me like shards of glass.

“Your friend, Sam, died last night.” My blood turned cold. I shook my head, clutching the bed sheets.

“No…That can’t be true.” I said, trying to convince myself. “She came here , she said she was going home-” I stopped. And I looked at Gerard, whose eyes had widened in disbelief.

“Does that mean…” I shrugged, but it was obvious.

Little Sam had come to say her last goodbye.

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"Life with MCR" part 18

Later that night.
Pale silver moonlight peeked through the thick Hospital curtains, falling across my bed, where I sat, thinking, my fingers playing the locket.

Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray all laid sprawled in chairs, all getting much needed sleep, and I couldn’t help but smile at Mikey’s loud snoring and at how Ray’s fingers seemed to be moving, like as if he were playing in his sleep. They all looked so much like kids when they were asleep, each face innocent looking and peaceful. I giggled quietly as Frank squirmed on the hospital couch he shared with Gerard, his face looking embarrassed.

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"Life with MCR" part 17

We walked into my room, and my mother and a woman in a dark grey suit sat talking bye the window. The woman looked up and glared at me with hard stone grey eyes that matched her graying hair. I stopped and met her hard gaze, and after a moment, she looked away. She nodded at my mother, and they stood and walked out the room.

I smiled to myself, and made my way to the bed. I was about to climb up when I felt someone pick me up carefully and lay me down. I blushed and saw it was Frank. I hit him in the arm, my ears burning.

“Was that necessary?” I asked , pouting. He laughed, rubbing his arm and said,

“Yup. Now, you stay here with Gerard and Mikey while me and Ray try to find the Doctor so we can find out what you can eat.” I rolled my eyes, but muttered an “okay.”