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"LWMCR: Happy 1 Year Anniversery!!!"

Believe it or Not, today, Dec. 31 2012 is the one year anniversryof the first time I posted the story! I decided you deserved this, as well as the next one in a couple days.
I'm glad you've all been with me through this past year.
It's been heard and alot has happened in my life as well as in the lives of my characters.
With everything that's happend, let's hope by this time next year I will have finished the story.
With Love, Enjoy.
(P.S Music is to be played when Nat and Phantom boy are dancing.-B.P.I)

I relaxed slightly as we sat in Bob's truck. The moon was big and bright and I was sitting in the back with Link at my side.

"Hey...Where's Frank?" Link asked suddenly, his eyes a mix of curiosity and worry.

I shifted, and I saw Bob's eyes fall.

"He...uhh...He said he wasn't gonna go." I frowned.

"Oh...Too bad. He said he'd had a totally awesome costume in mind!" Link smiled a bit. "I think he said...something about the Phantom of the Opera."

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Merry Christmas, Everyone~

Almost Chrsitmas here in Nowhere Teaxas and all I want for Christmas is my guitar, Gerard clone(jk), and for my mom to be happy...I want her to be happy this Christmas.
I guess Santa didn't get everything off my list.
Have a fun holiday, everyone.

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That Song: A Tribute to 'The World is Ugly'

I wrote this as I heard the new version of 'The Worl is Ugly' for the first time. Enjoy~

My heart begins to ache
As that familiar ballad
Fills my ears.
I wipe away the tears
as the begin the litter my face
Until they're simply gone
without a trace
And even though it hurts
to listen to that song
I know I'll press 'replay' again
and again, just to feel the
That feeling reminds me that
I'm still alive
That I'm still here
Even when it's hard
Even when it hurts
That song will bring the ache and numb everything else.
'The World is Ugly...But You're beautiful to me...'
'Like ghosts in the snow...Like ghosts in the sun'
A lullaby for one who got left behind.

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I feel like I lost someone...

Lately, I've felt kinda...I don't know how to explain it, but I think I might've had a twin.
You know that people say they have twins in the womb and they lost them, but they feel it? The FEEL their twin is still with them and they feel their loss?
That's kinda how I feel.
I feel like someones missing in my life. That someone should be there but isn't.
I feel that...I should have a brother.
But I lost him and how I carry him with me. It would explain why I have such different sides of me.
One part of me is sweet and shy and quiet and fragile and loves reading and writing.
...But the other part, the one that only started showing up a couple years ago...
That one is brave and stubborn. It's fearless and loud and doesn't take anyones sh*t. It loves loud rock music and art and wants to play guitar and scream and burn things down.
....Right now, when I'm typing this, my heart aches and I feel like crying, but the other part creates imagenary arms to comfort me...

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This is what happens when I'm bored... MCR Children...*DUN DUN DUH*

I will say in my defense I was bored! But you gotta admit, these kids are kinda adorable~
What do you guys think?
First is Gee and Frank (None Frerard fans, please don't shoot me!)
Second are Ray and Mikey (Again, if you not Raykiy fan, please no kill me!!)
This is the website!

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My goals in life...and random quiz :3

My Dream is these 3 things in my life.
1. Be in a band and make a difference.
2. Publish a book.
3. Have a family with someone who loves me.

Okay, now how close I am to actually acheiving these things.
1. According to people I know, I can sorta sing and I'm getting a guitar for Christmas, so doing okay in that area.
2. Currently writing and I actually contacted a publisher the other day^^ So Even better then 1~
3. ....No where even close. *sigh* I haven't even had my first kiss yet...

1) Height? 5'7.5
2) Virgin? *blushes* yes
3) Shoe size? 11 in Womens
4) Sexual orientation? Straight^^ But I support Gay marriages. One of my best friends is gay actually.
5) Do you smoke? no
6) Do you drink? also no
7) Do you take drugs? Only my prescritions
8) Age you get mistaken for? 16-17. I'm only 15^^
9) Have tattoos? No
10) Want tattoos? YES. Even though I hate needles!
11) Have piercings? no
12) Want piercings? NO

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"Life with MCR' Part 42

"So? What happened?"

One of the boys from the school were all standing in an abandoned warehouse, though a bright light was fixated on him. Someone sat in the shadows, looking at them with cold pale blue eyes.

"We-We got there, and we found the girl. B-But then...these 2 kids showed up. A boy with black hair and a girl with brown. The boy hit Eric with a branch, and the girl cracked Luis's jaw....

Badly. He's supposed to be in the hospital still."

"And what were you doing during all this, Hank?"

"I-I was making sure that the girl you sent us after didn't try to get away..."

"So, you were 'guarding' her, right?" The boy was shaking, and he looks up with wide fearful dark eyes, before he slightly nods.

The blue eyes narrowed, flashing with malice.

"Boys, remove him. Lock him in the lower room with those dumbasses Eric and Luis."
Hank yelps loudly as 2 men grab him, dragging him away.

"No! Please, don't!! I still have more information-!"

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Tears of Hate

I hate it all.
I hate everything so much.

I hate the fact I feel so stupid and idiotic. I hate the fact my friends are going through so much shit in their lives, and I can't do anything for them, espeacially those I know on here.
I hate parents, like my father, whose words cuts deeper then any of the times he hit me.
Do you know what it's like to be called worthless by your father?
Do you know what it's like to HATE him and to curse him for ruining your life with everything he's done.
I hate my father, and someday, I'm going to tell him that.
Then he'll know what those words did to me.
How they turned a simple innocent girl into someone who hates so much, and doesn't belive in love anymore.
He made me into this person. And I hate him.
So much hate...And as I write this, keeping myself from crying so my mom doesn't worry, I can honestly say...
I hate the world and so many people in it.
And I hate him. I hate him so much...


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Happy Birthday, Frank!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Iero!
I have so much respect for you and so do my friends.
You're the reason my best friend doesn't mind when I tease her about being short, because she likes you so much.
Thank you for being in My Chem, because I don't what it would be like without you in it.
To You, with <3 from Nowhere, TX
~Ivy, Dragon, Stitch and Venom

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"Life with MCR' Part 41

Me and Link instantly jerked apart, and the feeling was gone.

"Did you hear...?"

"HELP!! SOMEONE!!" We pulled our bags on immediatly, jumping down and running toward the sound of the screams.

We skid to a stop as we rounded the corner of the school, and I felt my anger flare as I registered what I saw before me.

3 guys, maybe 16 or 17, surrounding a small blonde girl in a black shirt and bright blue skirt.
She was backed against the stone wall of the school, and the guys where closing in on her. The girl had what looked like jack o'lantern hair clips-

I froze.

No...It can't be!

"Nat!" Link said, pulling his bag off and popping his knuckles. I practically threw my bag off, my rage burling my vision as I run forward.

"NAT!" It came as a growl, and the guys shared a starteled look, as if unsure what to do now.

"B-Becki!?!" Nat called fearfully, her blue eyes brimming with tears. "Help!!!"