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My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 13

I realized soon that absolutely NONE of the jeans in the chest of drawers could even possibly fit me. That’s what I got for being so short…. So I had to go downstairs in just the large dress shirt I was already wearing. My jeans were soaking, but my jacket, shirt, tank top, and undergarments I had made sure that they were done as soon as possible. So they were done and ready to be word whenever. But then again, Poison had said to sleep well, so that meant he was probably just in his bedroom, right? That would make sense… I took a look in the mirror really quick.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 12.

I looked over at him and the smile on his face almost told me that he knew more than he was telling, but I didn’t push him. I just leaned over and pumped my shoulder into his and he looked down at me.
“Water?” I asked him, and suddenly it was as if he remembered what was at hand. There was large, arched open doorway that led to a equally large room, painted white, with all black furnishings. Black, tattered curtains, thick in dust. A old, Victorian black sofa with a matching armchair.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 11.

I opened my eyes when I noticed the scorching sun begin to drizzle into my dreams. I sat up slowly, and looked up into the bright sky. Oh God…. Well, we had gotten away, but I had lost someone in the meantime. I looked down into my lap, at my hands that were covered in the red blood of a girl who should not be dead. I tried the blood from my hands with my shirt, but it just wouldn’t come off. The everlasting stain. I was so angry… I was in a quiet rage with everything, but most importantly myself. It seemed that no matter what.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 10.

He dragged me down the rugged floors of the cave, down hallways, and corridors, searching and searching for Poison. Where was he? No one seemed to have an answer. And every time we found someone who MIGHT have an idea, they were unconscious. I had the hardest time holding back my smile each and every time that me and Blaze came across someone who was either unconscious, or about to become so, because his face just grew redder, and redder, and his jaw line became more and more clenched. Boy was he a sight to see.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 9.

A sudden noise surrounded the silent air, and broke viciously into my dreams. My eyes flew open and my heart started to race as I sat up and looked around. I saw no source of the sound, but then I also heard nothing else. It was pitch black around me, the fire having died down around us. Wait. Us? I looked back to the ground and noticed that Poison was gone. What? Where did he go?
I stood up and stumbled around slightly, my eyes adjusting to the lack of light. Where was he?
“Poison?” I whispered lightly, and quietly, my voice gone for some reason.

I'm Singing...

This is my first post as Giana. This is my first post for something other than my Fanfic, and i am dedicating it to the unfortunate people of Japan. We all love you, and we know that you have the hope, the determination and the persistence in your heart and souls to keep going. I dont believe i have much to say, except to keep singing. You all are the Killjoys people like me aspire to be. You are so inspiring and beautiful for all, and especially me. I am one who finds little hope in the most special of occasions, a natural born downer.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 8.

“So where are we headed?” he asked me as we left the final signs of the city. The desert lay ahead of us, to the right of us, and to the left. He hadn’t asked why we hadn’t returned to the house, or actually WHY no others came with me, and yet I felt exhausted at his question. Not in a bad way, just in the not-wanting-to-answer sort of way.
“An old abandoned diner. Smack-dab in the middle of the desert.” I said shortly. I saw him out of the corner of my look at me.
“Are we gonna be meeting the rest of them there?” He asked and I nodded.
“Yeah, they should be there.” I said, my

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 7.

I waited until everyone went to sleep, before I got up. Or at least until I THOUGHT everyone was asleep. As I got up from my bundle of blankets on the floor, and pulled on my boots, someone behind me spoke.
“And just where do you think you are going?” Dawn asked and I turned to look at her. I shrugged and returned my attention to tying the laces on my boots.
“You know where I’m going, Dawn.” I said slowly. I heard her sit up.
“So you are seriously going to go and get yourself killed over a small little crush?” She asked, her voice sly enough to make me hit her.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 6.

I woke up on the cold wooden floor of the house, my head throbbing. I sat up in the cool night air, and scrunched my eyes shut, lifting my hand to my forehead. I tried to remember what happened, and why I was just lying here on the floor, when I heard someone speak.
“Hey, guys! She’s awake!” I heard. It was Ghoul’s voice but I couldn’t see where it was coming from. Oh. Maybe because my eyes were shut. Duh.
I opened my eyes, to see everyone get up from the table and walk over to me. Apparently Ghoul had already been beside me.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 5.

We were all piled into the trans-am, the room being very cramped. There was Jet Star, Dawn, Blades, and Kobra Kid in the back, with Fun Ghoul and me in the front with Poison at the helm. But despite the overall lack of room, everyone was silent. All we were thinking about was the mission at hand, and the fact that it was finally here.
I hadnt thought much about what had happened between me and Poison. Aw, who am i kidding? I was constantly replaying everything that had happened.