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My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 28.

I imagined that the car would be dreadfully cramped, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Poison was driving with Stain in the middle and Kobra in the passenger seat. I sat in the back with Jet to my left and Ghoul to my right. Dr. D and Grace were following in a van they picked up on the way back from their getting the Trans-am. They were going to monitor it all from the van, as Dr.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 27.

The hair dye made my head itch.
It was the first time I had ever dyed my hair, the first time that I had actually ever done anything to my hair. But the Ball was tomorrow, and I had put off dying it as long as possible. Not that I didn’t want to have blond hair I just… Well, I just wasn’t sure what I’d look like with it. Plus, I was such a ditz all the time, people would think that I had an excuse.
“POISON!!!” I heard from downstairs and I smiled. Poison was cutting Ghoul’s hair. Kobra’s and Jet’s were already done, and Ghoul had put up quite a fight.

They Will Be Mine...

For quite a while i have wanted a certain pair of boots. (Okay it's only been about a month or so) But anyways, that's beside the point. Well, i should be getting a decent paycheck this week, and so i am DETERMINED to actually BUY them. They are awesome, they are fantastic, and they would go amazingly well with my Killjoy Outfit!
The following is an argument to my parents as to why i should be able to get them. I have to practice. (That makes no sense because when i will be trying to convince them, i will be actually speaking, not typing, but still.)

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 26.

The movie we chose was one that I had seen before, back when my parents… Adoptive parents that is, brought us a TV set and some movies to watch so we wouldn’t get bored when they went on a raid one time. Needless to say, I ended up falling asleep.

“What are you gonna do Ghoul?” Jet asked me as I looked over him past the sleeping woman clutching onto my chest.
“What do you mean?” I asked him and he looked at me. He flicked his eyes from Kick to me, and then gave me a side smile.
“What are you going to do about her?” He asked me.
“Jeeze, Jet, she isn’t some disease we

Dear... God...

MCR are going to be about two hours away from my homely little town on September 8th of this year. THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN KANSAS CITY, AND I MOST LIKELY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO!!!! This is the most suckish thing about being 15 years old. You have to get permission from your parents, if they say yes you have to worry about getting a ride because odds are, they wont want to go, then if you find a ride, you have to be able to buy the tickets yourself. ergh...
Why can nothing be simple?

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 25.

I really didn’t want to go out amongst the guys, because I knew that their pity would be overpowering and I would bust out crying, but my stomach protested any future lack of food.
It had been two days since the end of things with Poison. I only came out occasionally when I knew that no one would be around, and only for detrimental reasons. That also mean that it had been two days since I had eaten.
Today they had left for the Trans-am, that being put off due to our little spat of drama. So it was only Ghoul, Jet, and Kobra here. That would be a plus.
I turned the doorknob and slowly

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 24.

Hey, if you missed part 23, it is down there! Be sure to read it before this one!

Dr. D turned to me and his face became grim.
“That’s all on you my friend.” he said and with that, he leaped out of the car, and was gone. The coward. I got out of the car and went to stand in front of Kick. Her eyes were questioning.
“Kick, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kiss, her… It’s just that-” I started. I had always been told that gravelling was the best thing a man could do. Not this time.
“WHAT?!” She yelled at me. Oh.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 23.

It was good to have the boys back, being leader of the Universal Transmissions is kind of a lonely job. However, it was almost as if there was an enormous, cosmic amount of tension in the air right now. I thought that Poison would have been happy to see Clarity Stain again, but from the tension in the atmosphere, he began to doubt it. You could cut it with a knife. The young woman name KickStart seems very awkward, and all the men keep flashing their eyes from her to Stain.
Hmmm… Oh. Oh no. Oh, great. I think I just introduced the past love life of Party Poison, to the present.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 22.

The sun beat down on us furiously, but our spirits remained high. We joked around, had a fun time while we walked although we might have not made the best time. We walked until the day had faded away, and the night rejoined us once again. We welcomed the cool breeze.
We stopped and built the fire to heat our cans of nutritious globs of a meal. The bottles of water were passed around, and we were notified that we should be at our destination within the next day or two at the most.
“SO who is this friend of yours?” I asked Poison from across the fire.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 21.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee radiating through the dusty air. Of coarse, no matter where we went, we magically always had a supply of coffee.
I lifted my lids from over my eyes and saw Jet smiling at me.
“Hey, Sunshine.” He said and I smiled.
“It’s amazing how all you guys are calling me that…” I said lightly. He turned back to the fire where the metal coffee pot lingered over.
“Well you are our sunshine.” He said and I smiled looking up into the blinding dawning sky.
“Where is everyone?” I asked, aware slightly that it was only me and Jet at the camp.