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Have you ever spent, just one day? Just one day with someone else, in another town, doing something completely different? And after that day's over, you ask yourself, because you HAVE to wonder... Why cant i have this? Why cant i ever be one of those people who could live in a house that didnt NEED fixing up? Or one of those people who just... Have so many talents, and are so good and what they do?
What do i do? I write a fanfic story online and work at a burger joint.
Where do i live? in A house in the middle of a crap town that's slowly being sunk deeper and deeper into despair.
I just dont

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 36.

I opened my eyes at the sudden stop of the van, and I felt Ghoul’s sturdy arms across my body. I never wanted to be anywhere but here. Never.
“Hey, Sunshine, I think we’re here.” He said as he moved his arms from around me, my skin protesting at the sudden loss of their warmth.
“And where is ‘here’?” I asked him as I looked up at his beautiful face. He just smiled, his eyebrows lifting.
“I have no idea.” He said, bringing a chuckle to pass my lips. His eyes moved past me and to someone on the other side of the bus.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 35.

I smashed my fist for the thousandth time into the face of a Drac, him falling flat on his back. More and more flooded from in front of us. I grabbed my Phasor from my hip and shot down three that ran at me, and then I felt one grab me from behind. I let out a shriek as he lifted me high into the air.
I rammed my elbow into the nearest body part that I could find, and it turned out to be his chest. I heard the wind escape from his mouth, but his arm did not show any weakness from its grasp. Great. Why did they always have to be difficult?

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 34.

Sorry this has been so long for me to post but I have been grounded for the past week. I HAVENT BEEN AVOIDING YOU PEEPS, I PROMISE!!!
So here is 34, i hope you enjoy it!!!!
p.s. good to be back! I missed you all!
The two killjoys standing in front of us being held by the drac’s looked desperately terrified by Jet’s fierce voice. They looked from us to the drac’s not too sure what fate was worse.
We started walking through all of the dracs and I tried to appeal to them with my eyes.
“Please help me.” I whispered to them.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 33.

Hey, i know this is crazy short, and im sorry, but i wanted to at least post SOMETHING! I hope you like it!
I withdrew my arms from around Ghoul’s neck and looked down at my ball gown.
“This might be a little bit difficult.” I said and the other chuckled. A few of them offered their pocket knives, but sadly I didn’t think that would be much help with this giant amount of material. Instead I held up my hand.
“One moment.” I said, and then lifted the ball gown and returned to the dressing room.

For those who care....

hey, any of you who are still reading My Fabulous Killjoys, i have no clue when i can post next. It might be tonight, tomorrow, or even not until monday. I have no clue. Stupid work.
Plus, another reason why the story isnt flying from my fingertips is because i have a wee big of a thing called 'Writers Block.'
Plus i'm completely ticked off because I'm working tonight, and i'm working INSIDE when i prefer to car hop.

OH!!!! I HAVE TO TELL YALL THIS! (why did i just say 'yall'?)
So there is this guy in my pathetic lil' hometown who- wait for it, wait for it- Looks EXACTLY like Gerard Way.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 32.

For some reason, the tux that had seemed so comfortable merely 24 hours ago seems as if the collar was strangling me. I sat there in a chair in front of Korse in his tux, him looking gangly and superior. Here was the very last place I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be here to watch the love of my life get married to the man we both mortally hated.
I stared at him, hoping that the term ‘looks could kill’ would come true. He kept his eyes on the doorway where Kick would be emerging. For the first time? I actually DIDN’T want to see her. She was right. They had won.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 31.

An hour. That was all that I had left of being…. You know, when I thought about it, I didn’t even know what I was going to be turned into. Was it really a drone? Feeling NOTHING? Or was it… Just that you felt it, but you couldn’t express it?
I wondered these thoughts as I laid in Ghoul’s strong arms that were clasped around me. I was still in my dress, throwing the retarded looking jumpsuit to the floor. If I was going to get simulated, I was gonna at least break ONE rule.
“Kick, we WILL find an antidote for this, you know that right?” I heard Dr. D ask.

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 30. (CELEBRATE!)

Chapter 30! WOOOO-HOOO!!!!
I wanna take this moment to thank ALL of you who have helped me and supported me through this series with your cheerful comments. Love you guys!

“KickStart…?” I heard and I opened my eyes to see Ghoul looking down at him. I smiled at the sight of him and he smiled back at me.
“Hey…” I muttered quietly. He smiled and I noticed there was a strand of his hair stuck to his face. I was tempted to move it with my hand, but I held it back.
“Not that I think you actually care, but

My Fabulous Killjoy's - Part 29.

My heart thudded wildly in my chest.
‘This is it. He knows that I’m a Killjoy, and he’s bringing me here so that he wouldn’t make a scene at his party.’ I thought to myself. That’s why what happened next totally threw me for a loop.
He led me to a door, and pulled a set of keys from the pocket in his suit jacket, and turned to me.
“My office. Well, not necessarily my office I do all of my work, but this one is a bit more comfortable.” He said to me and I smiled quietly at him.
‘Please dear God, guys! GET ME THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!!’ I screamed in my head.