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My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 44

After we finished our practice session, he thanked me and I continued on into the kitchen to grab my morning cup of coffee. It seemed that I couldn’t function completely without the liquid, and I felt bad slightly as I thought this, realized that to help Jet with my full potential, it probably would have been better for me to have a cup of coffee before. But, half of the work had to be from him too, so after that thought, I didn’t feel so bad.
I grabbed a mug from the cupboard, and filled up the cup silently.

One of the Best songs ever!

Found this song by Deadmau5 Ft. Gerard Way, and i LOVE IT!

Just a pic of me and my New Glasses!

Just a pic of me and my glasses that i got yesterday. I LOVE EM!

Just a lil vid we've all seen a thousand times.

I love this vid so much - one of my favorite songs on Black Parade (Disenchanted and Cancer being a few others, and who can forget Mama?!) and this video i always found to be profoundly amazing- Not to mention the close ups of Gerard's lovely face is always a nice thing to have in a vid, and the scene of Frankie throwing the guitar is just about the hottest thing ever - but i just love the concept of Opposites attracting, but no matter what, even if you're functional, you still dont feel right for the other person, even if you love them with all your heart.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 43

When I woke up from the slumber that engulfed me after reaching such brilliant news, I was shocked to see that It was past ten o’clock. It was amazing that I’d slept so late, usually I was up way before this.
I tossed the covers off my legs lazily, and got up and out of the bed, walking over to the worn, light colored dresser that was now filled with clothing that was actually mine.
They were compiled of contributions from everyone, and, though it wasn’t much, I was undeniably thankful to not have to either wonder around in dirty clothing or have to worry about washing them every day.

Music and More.

Just wondering - am i the only one on here who actually likes electronic music? I mean, dubsteb? I feel weird liking genres with such striking differences, but i do. I mean - when i listen to pandora, it goes from MCR, Panic! at the disco, Fall out boy, to Breaking Benjamin, to AWOLNATION, Imagine Dragons, and then Justin Timberlake, and (yes) even NSYNC and before you know it, it's Glitch Mob, and Lindsey Stirling, and other Dubsteb artists. maybe i am just beign sucked into the world of overprocessed junk music, but i personally dont think that it's junk.

My Fabulous Killjoys Art!

I know it's not very good, and i also know it's a lil strange, considering that there are no faces, but i'm terrible at drawing faces, so i usually just leave em blank... But anyways, here is an illustration of all the characters in my current fanfic! :)


My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 42

When I rubbed my eyes, I found it hard to recall whether or not that was a true memory, or simply a dream, and I realized that it was just a dream. How upsetting! How… How…. What a let down!
I furrowed my brows as I realized just how angry I was at my subconscious for the fact that it had played such a terrible, terrible trick on me. I realized then, though, how much I really wanted to marry him. But I knew that him proposing would only happen in a dream.
I looked at the clock that hung on the wall, and noticed that it was just past 4:15 a.m.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 41

I laid there in bed, wondering about different things, although I tried to push out the one overwhelming thought. I had to tell Kick.
But then again, tell her what? She knew that I already loved her. But.. It just didn’t seem like that was enough. I wanted her to know that I wanted to be with her for forever. I wanted her to know that I wanted to marry her.
That was crazy though. No one got married unless they were just flat out stupid anymore. Too many complications. But I wanted to be with her. I wanted her to know that I would always wanted to be with her.
But I knew that I was moving

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 40.

Pretty short, i know, but i've been mostly revising the story instead of adding on to it as of yet, but here is a bit that i've gotten into it. :) Enjoy!

p.s. if you've forgotten, this takes place after they have just broken Electric Trip, Terror Kiss, and Ink out of BLHQ and finally convinced Poison not to go back. This is basically just a snipit of their life in normalcy. :D

The next week's morning's and afternoon's went by so fast it felt like a complete repeat of itself night after night, only, without the yelling, arguing, or tears of our first night here.