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My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 49

Sorry it's so short - i've been super busy lately, but wanted to get soemthing up here for you guys! I'll make the next one longer, i promise!

Well, it looked like I was finally done. My hair was curled into a massive bun that was twisted and placed at the side of my head, and Stain had given me a pair of dangly earrings to wear which made my neck look long and pretty. A few strands of hair fell from their place, but I protested the girls’ intensions of putting them back up, insisting that I liked the way they looked.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 48

I was reading a book that I’d read about a million times when Trip came storming in the room. I tried my best to take as much time before I looked up at her. I knew that she was steaming about something, and the last thing that I wanted to do was to get involved while she was still so hot in the head. After being together for so many years I knew when she was in a foul mood. And now, she most definitely was.
I peeked up over my book and watched her as she paced around the room, her mouth set In that look she gets when she’s upset about something.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 47

My eyelids felt heavy with the makeup that Stain had put on them.
“Open.” Said Stain and I looked to see her, Kiss and Ink looking at me, their eyes wide and smiling. The other two had come in about twenty minutes ago, the two smiling and laughing along with Stain and me. Ink shared with us the fact that her and Jet were planning on seeing a movie together, and Kiss had been trying to convince her to let her sit in with her on the date. They had come in to get Stain’s opinion and she sided with Ink, stating that Kiss sitting in would just be weird.
The word about my engagements for

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 46

I paced back and forth, annoyed with myself that I’d stood outside Ink’s door for what seemed like forever. I’d come here in the first place to just talk to her, to put mine and Kick’s plan into action, but I’d never made it far enough to bring my knuckles up to her door. I’d left and come back three times, lifted my hand to knock a couple, but never made any progress. Before I knew it, she would end up coming out, and I’d be stuck explaining why I was just standing outside her bedroom door like a stalker.
“Come on, Jet, you can do this.”
I thought about my conversation with Kick.


Okay, this is very potentially embarrassing, but I recorded this, and figured I'd Post it on here. It is me singing, but I am NOT playing the piano, it is an instramental that i found on Youtube, and i LOVED, so i just thought i'd try a cover to it.
Sorry VERY much for the weird moments in this song. LOL.
I'd love it if you commented on it, but if you dont - PERFECTLY fine. :) Just a fun post that i thought i'd put on here. BTW towards the end is very very bad.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 45

I paced a bit in the kitchen, trying to determine my plans for the night. I’d asked Kick out for a specific purpose, but now that I thought about it, I realized that I had absolutely no clue how to do it. I didn’t have the silver tongue that sometimes seemed to come naturally. Most of the cool or suave things I said were lines that I’d rehearsed over and over again, and most of the time they didn’t even come out the way I’d planned.
My footsteps sounded too loud against the creaking floor of the kitchen, the sickly green linoleum pealing up and torn in places.

A Lovely Song From Mr. Toro that I'm in LOVE with!
My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 44

After we finished our practice session, he thanked me and I continued on into the kitchen to grab my morning cup of coffee. It seemed that I couldn’t function completely without the liquid, and I felt bad slightly as I thought this, realized that to help Jet with my full potential, it probably would have been better for me to have a cup of coffee before. But, half of the work had to be from him too, so after that thought, I didn’t feel so bad.
I grabbed a mug from the cupboard, and filled up the cup silently.

One of the Best songs ever!

Found this song by Deadmau5 Ft. Gerard Way, and i LOVE IT!

Just a pic of me and my New Glasses!

Just a pic of me and my glasses that i got yesterday. I LOVE EM!