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Taken By Sleep.

Hello Killjoys.
I'm feeling sad tonight. Not for any specific reason, besides perhaps typical female hormones. Ha.
I went to the movies with my sister and my cousin, but I knew that I was just 'tagging along'. By the end of the night - despite the funny movie - I wish I had just stayed in.
I've come to realize how typical I am. I know that's an abrupt topical shift, but It's been weighing on my mind for quite some time now, and tonight seems to have brought it to a head.

2/17/2016; 8:07 PM

Good Lord, Killjoys, how the time does fly.
It's been just under two years since I've been on here last. On that post I talked about how I would continue writing on my story, and just to let you know that still is my intention. I'm just also in the middle of writing like, forty other books at the same time. I multitask, but not very well.
As I write this I'm sitting in a coffee shop, next to some giggling girls who are taking odd, videos of each other on snapchat and sending it to each other.

Still here.

So a lot has changed since you last saw me in December, Killjoys. I graduated, and moved out the first of the year. Honestly, it's pretty much taken me this long just to get used to the whole thing. I just wanted to let you know that i haven't forgotten about you. I'm still writing. MFK is still in my Google drive. All 221 pages of it. And i promise i will finish it sometime. I will continue. I promise.
I just have so much going on, i hardly have any time to write on any of the stories i have going. And being so inconsistent the best quality to have on such occasions. :/
But I think it's important to let you all know (if any of you who have read are even still on here) although i do have a bigger life than when i started on here in 2011, i'm still Killjoy. I think we all are.

But keep on the lookout. There will be more coming. I promise...
And Don't forget -
Keep running.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 58

I known its been FOREVER, but my comp broke and I just got a tablet, so the chapters shoild continue! Hopefully u like. :)
The sky twinkled down at me as i sat, looking up at the stars. I sat on the window sill, half in my room, half out, my dress ruffling slightly in the desert breeze. I hadnt changed out of it since our whole conversation about splitting up - id wantec to hold on to the magical expectations that we had all had for tonight. It was supposed to have been perfect - and more importantly, simple.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 57

I was sitting out in the courtyard, looking up at all the lights that were still on from Ghoul and Kick’s planned evening. They were so beautiful. So romantic.
I smiled beneath the warm illumination of the romantic display, and wondered how it went before we all went insane because we thought we were being attacked.
Today had been a long day, and I had the feeling that it would end up being a week of long days.
I sighed and tucked my hair behind my ears, frustrated with Stain.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 56

I was standing against the counter, trying to throw a glance every once in a while to the ring on my finger, inconspicuously of coarse. Jet and Ink were sitting along the bar, and I was hoping that one of them would see where my gaze kept flicking too, and bring it up, but they were too engrossed in their conversation to notice. I wanted so badly to simply shout it at them, but I didn’t. I kept it in, because I knew that that was the right thing to do.
The door to the kitchen swung open lightly, and there stood Dee and Trip, and this time instead of flaunting my ring, I tried my best to

My Fabulous Killjoys - part 55

Ghoul was still beside me in the chair, trying to comfort me, even though all i really wanted was to be left alone. i felt bad that i couldnt just Killjoy up and get over it, but... Man it was hard.
“I know there’s not much I can say, and I’m sorry for that. And I know you need time. But Me and Kick just wanted you to know that we’re here for you, pal. Really. If you need anything, just give us a holler.”
I heard him stand up out of the chair and walk towards the door, and I grunted in response before I heard him leave.

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 54

I felt numb. A cold, bitter, angry gnawing inside of me, roaring inside my stomach made me feel dizzy to the point of not even wanting to raise my head from it’s position on my pillow. I’d finally pried myself from the dining room table to return to my room, sulking in peace.
I just didn’t understand it… She knew that I loved her, she knew that I would ALWAYS love her, and yet she continued with me even though she obviously didn’t love me the way I did her. And that made me so angry with her, but then the fact that I was angry with her made me angry with myself. I hated this.
I always

My Fabulous Killjoys - Part 53

Real quick - just want to let you know that i'm kinda cramming with school (big deadline coming up and im not anywhere near being finished) so I might be kicking these out a little later then i like, but i will get them out as much as i can!!!

About thirty minutes had passed by and everyone had settled down, sitting and drinking coffee. Dee was out resetting up the perimeter and poor Poison was just sitting at the table, his head in his hands.
He had tried to read the letter to us, but was unable to get through it, and so instead had just