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If You Wanted Honesty, that's All You Had to Say

Good afternoon Killjoys! I luckily have no school today or on Monday. Sounds like a My Chemical Romance weekend! Well, going to hang out with my friends tonight. But until then, I'm going to watch some Ghost Adventures!
~Stay Beautiful and Keep it Ugly

Hello Killjoys!

Hello my fellow Killjoys! How are we doing today? I think today is going to be a lazy day, unless I get to go roller skating! So, I'm just gonna kick back, turn it up, and listen to My Chem all day!
~Stay Beautiful, Keep it Ugly

Help Me!!

in school HELP!!!!!!

Conventional Weapons #4!!

The first thing I did this morning was buy Conventional Weapons #4! Great songs!! My favorite of the two is Make Room!!!!
"Make room! Make room! Well you're gonna have some explaining to do!"