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costume update

my helena costume is almost done just the top and belt to go


the term emo love it or hate it, its there and while searching panic at the disco on wikipedia it poped up i clicked on it thinking this should be good only to find what looked like my life in those words untill i got to a paragraph about people blaming mcr and emos for kids commiting suicide. if this bothers you repost.

ghostfire (and fucking proud of it)

sometimes ur enimy is not ur enemy at all

yesterday my sister who hates mcr was at goodwill and not only tried on but bought me a three cheers shirt

the 31st of october will be..

dose anyone esle feel like the only day they fit in is halloween and even then theyr doing something else because ive always been different.......

awsone weekend

i met a girl named sophie this weekend within 5 min.s we were singing nanana and getting dirty looks from all the old ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we r now friends

halloween and helena

ok guys i need help ive known since june that im gonna b helena. im making the dress with my grandma and i wanted to know if u guys think yay or nay on lace fingerless gloves i know its not staying true to the character but.....

art of science science of art class

for 1 of my classes i have been given two weeks two find examples of what i consider art, my first thoughts were music and design. MCR combines those with their costumes and music! so im gonna take pics from all their big design styles.


i saw my heros and it was the most amazing night of my life