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am i the only one?

guys am i really the only person who squeels every time i see a new update from mcr. or the only one tht holds their fist up through welcome to the black parade even when people stare, or the only one who knows every mcr song by heart? pleas tell me im not.... -kendra

I know I posted this last night but...

Okay last night I posted in reference to a facebook page but now im posting again in hopes of a better response i made an mar fan page for volunteering in KY id love it if anyone in KY could join or tell others thanks. :)

Kentucky MCRmy (i need all the help i can get!!!)

any mcr fans from kentucky please!!!! comment or message me i want to start a page on facebook for mcr fans WILLING to help others!!!! But i need to start small so im staying im my state anyone from other states should consider starting pages for this too.... seems smart :D

hey XD vs. DX

havent posted for a while lol so hey. and my hair is purpple

MCR show?

dose anyony know about a rumor i heard. Something about MCR will have a show in lexington KY in november. can anyone give me any info as to if this is true and if so where to get tix. Thanks.

ghost fire

long time no see

i havent been on in a while well i have just havent logged in... anyway if u write fanfic add me xp peace out all

----ghost fire--


my new toys!

action figures

i got all five mcr action figures today will up load pics l8r

better late than never

this was at halloween last year lol. and at the mcr concert in september

must listen to band

nail driven is a christian metal band and they are amazing! also Clifford their lead singer is a my chem fan! we spent 15 mins discussing demolition lovers and the moral message of our lady of sorrows.