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So a few days back I finally went out and brought that bass I've wanted for so long, and I've been sneaking upstairs to play it when I should have been doing homework all day. Since I have never managed to achieve anything music wise, ever (even after a year of recorder lessons all I could play was Hot Cross Buns.) I am incredibly proud to say that I've got most of NaNaNa pretty much down now. :) It's a pretty amazing feeling, but my wrist is killing me and in the process I've stripped the first few layers of skin off of the fingers on my left hand, so typing this is kind of painful too. Ok, so I can't even say I can play yet, and even calling me a novice would be a bit generous, but I'm determined that I'm going to stick with this and be the best bad bass player I can be. ;) (I mean bad because I suck at music, not because I'm particularly badass.)