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Hey, well I am currently doing my AS Photography. I love to take pictures, to capture a moment that may be lost or forgotten means the world to me. I am hopping to do creative Photography for the music industry when I finish Uni. This is some of the work I did using a basic Samsung digi cam, and good timing. also some scrapping to get to the front. Feed back would really be appreciated. :)
KT x


My family have forgotten me and the fact that it is their turn to cook, So I am sulking and refusing to cook and thereby eat until they come back. STUBBORN AS A MULE. To pass the time this is 130 questions.

1:Are you ready for 130 questions?
Hit me.

2: Was your last relationship a mistake?
Yes. I seem to attract freaks, nutters and guys with mummy issues.

3: Do you miss your last relationship?
nope, safer to be rid of.

4: Who did you last say i love you to?
My Horse, Patrick. If you want a stable relationship get a horse!

5: Do you regret it?
no, he is a horse...

6: Have you ever been


In the meantime, want to know more about what your doodles say about you? Here are 10 things you never knew about doodling:
Doodling is good for you because it helps relieve boredom and frustration, allowing pressure to be dispelled in a creative, playful way. The urge to doodle gets stronger as stress levels rise
Underlying preoccupations can surface and take shape as doodles. Doodling maps your mind as you plan something new, worry about money or dream of a lover. Subconsciously, it may actually help you sort out your problems.
Some symbols crop up again and again – such as the sun, stars,


I intend to be well and truly trollied.


Searing pain in my foot after slipping on a bottle cap at work, grabbing a glass of peroni for support and throwing it at my foot, dolly shoes are just no defence against shards of glass. So looking forward to putting my feet in 4 inch iron fist heals tomorrow. Of the things we girls put ourselves through :/ x

Off to work...

Can I get a comment form those who are old enough to work?
A barmaids life for me.


[X] Failed a class
[X] Kissed a boy
[X] Kissed a girl
[X] Used a paper bag for lunch
[X] Had a job
[X] Slipped on ice
[X] Missed the bus
[X] Left the house without money
[ ] Bullied someone on the internet
[X] Played on a sports team
[ ] Smoked weed
[X] Smoked cigarettes
[ ] Smoked a cigar
[X] Drank alcohol
[X] Watched "The Breakfast Club"
[ ] Seen at least half the episodes of "The Twilight Zone"
[ ] Had an eating disorder
[X] Been to a wedding
[ ] Made fun of someone for being fat
[X] Been on the computer for 5 hours straight
[X] Been late for work
[X] Been late for school
[X] Kissed in the

I just want to say.

I'm not trying to make people feel bad, but I see so many people on here, claiming that they have nothing to live for that they want to give up.
I recently met a woman who really does have every reason to give up she has had a truly awful few years and they show no sign of getting better. If she can manage to go about her life with a smile despite this I think that we should be able to crack a grin, get up and fight as that is what being a Killjoy is about.
I won't name her, but this lady is 28 years old and works at the nursery my nephew goes to.

OOH Before I Forget.

I thought I would share this with a crowd who would appreciate it, I met my chemical romance in nottingham on the 15.11.06 and it was one of the most awesome moments of my life we waited outside the arena for about 14 hours, and the guys came out upon their arrival to meet some of those who were braving the frost they signed pictures for many off us (20-30) before going in. This is my picture thought I may as well upload it. since I am in a mood today for no reason other than I can be and seeing Franks glorified scribble always makes me feel happy!

I repel technology

Fact. I can't work the friend request system business.