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Cleveland, Ohio House of Blues 4/17/11 pics

More Cleveland pics!
Top- Mikey Way
Middle- Mikey Way-look close you can Gerard's picture of Bandit
Bottom- My hand before the concert...yeah it kinda sweated off... :(

BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! 4/17/11 <3

House Of Blues-Cleveland, OH, 4/17/11 (Pics)

here are some pics from the MCR concert in Cleveland 4/17

Top- l to r- Frank Iero, Michael Pedicone, Mikey Way

Middle- Frank Iero

Bottom- Frank Iero, Michael Pedicone


April 17, 2011 concert!

This concert was my first like real concert! It was AMAZING! The band now has the fanart i had asked many of you previous how to give it to them and well, Gerard told someone who had a drawing of Mikey to pass it forward and i held up the binder and th security guard took it for them :)i swear gerard and mikey looked at me. :) the opened with Nanana and ended with Helena, they came back out for an encore and sang Our Lady of Sorrows and Bulletproof Heart. I met some other fans and waited and talked in line with 2 of them. The two we met in line were SUPER nice!

Killjoys if you have a twitter please trend #SINGitforsniper and #SINGitforshane My heart goes out to them both!

Sing it for the boys! sing it for the girls!

463 Facebook likes on Sing it for the boys! Sing it for the girls!

Zero-Nightmare Before Christmas

What do you guys think of my drawing of Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas?? Be honest... :D

My Gerard Drawing!! What do you think of it....?

The top one is my drawing!! What do you think of it? Be honest please... :D

It is a real word!!!

So yesterday I used the word 'Morbidity' not sure if it was a real word or not, my friends didn't think so...but guess what? I just found out it is! What are some words that you've used that you later learned were real words??

Gotta love April Fools!

Its great when you can mess with your friends on April Fools...I totally just messed with two of my best friends..who are also MCR fun

This one was between me and one of my friends:

Me: Hey
AngelRose123: Hey
Me: ...Bad news...
AngelRose123: what???? ~hides face cause im scared about what your going to say~
Me: MCR just cancelled rest of tour. They said they're done and...
AngelRose123: and????
Me: they wanted to thank their fans for the experience but...they cant keep touring...
AngelRose123: Why??
Me: they didnt say...yet
AngelRose123: i swear if you are

Coincidence?Im not sure...

So today, in English class we were going over verb-subject agreements...and one of the handouts was about Japanese noodles...which sounded really good! But it had me thinking about Japan for the rest of the class...
~Poison Destroya~