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Many of you followed my fanfic and I just wanted to let you guys know that I cant write it for a while...and i apologize for that...but on that note, I am writing a ghost story and i was hoping you guys could give me some names of characters, so far I have Payton(main)
Mark(second main-as of now)*i think its gonna switch back and forth between Payton and Mark*
Anna(she doesnt play a live role because in the beginning it explains that she died in an accident but they do have flashbacks involving her)
and Andy(Anna's older brother...-not sure im gonna stick with his name?)

if you guys want me

Day 9- A MCR song that instantly makes you smile

THIS IS A TOUGH QUESTION, a bunch of them make me smile instantly...


Guys, we can NOT express this enough...we NEED your help, PLEASE, if you have a facebook like this page


Guys, we can NOT express this enough...we NEED your help, PLEASE, if you have a facebook like this page

Stole from DoItTheGerardWay97

1. What would you do if Gerard Way kissed you?
--- Die from shock!.
2. Would you be happy if Frank Iero was your best friend?
--- Holy shit! YESSS!!!!
3. If you were to choose who your big brother woud be, which MCR band member would it be?
---Ray Toro
4. Would you name your first born male child after an MCR band member?
--- Yes, and whichever one my future husband would agree with
5. What MCR song has inspired you the most?
--- The Kids From Yesterday
6. In your opinion, what is the saddest MCR song?
--- Cancer
7. If Gerard Way and Frank Iero were falling off a cliff, which one would you

any tips?

so i have decided i want to become a vegetarian, my dad and step mom are vegetarians and they are the only people in my family that i know of that are vegetarians, any tips, or comments that can help???

Please guys! Help us out! please! we NEED as many likes that we can get.. XD

Day 8- Favorite moment from The Black Parade Is Dead!

this is ONE of my favorite parts(Gerard's peek a boo in Sleep)

I also love Gerard's walk in teenagers:

at the end of the entire concert when he goes to turn off the stage, it looks like Gerard almost trips...

Im not really going along day wise, im doing a couple a day :D ^_^ XD

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PLEASE! Killjoys! We NEED as many LIKES as we can get!! PLEASE! spread the word about 'Sing it for the boys, Sing it for the girls!