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Ok so I have a secret....go to 5

1. good your ready to hear it...go to 6
2. sorry but i bet u REALLY want to hear this!...go to 8
3. you have really good patients...oh sry the secret...HI
4. just another precaution...go to 7
5. Ok I just wanna make sure u really want to know this...go to 9
6. just kidding im STILL making sure...go to 10
7. u must be getting mad but it's soooo worth it...go to 2 must be mad by now so hear it is...go to 3
9. Still making sure...go to 1
10. wow i cant believe u want to hear this that bad so go to 4

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 134)

*Gerads P.O.V.*
I wanted to sleep but i couldnt.
I was to busy thinking about be a father. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad. Maybe i would have someone to take over the band or something. Who knows. I look over and see Angel cant sleep either. But i say nothing and just lay there till the silence is broken by Angel.
"are you really upset about having twins?" Angel asked. I could tell she has been crying.
"not anymore. I thought about it. Maybe it wont be so bad." I told her. She got a little happier but i could see she still was a little upset. I sat up to talk to her.
"Its just, im not sure if we

#SINGitforJapan shirt!!! x_x (frank eyes)

RFMG! I just ordered the #SINGitforJapan shirt!!! Im soooo excited!!! I also ordered the MCR print purse, Aftermath bracelet, an MCR sticker from Hot topic and 2 unMCR related pins...

Poison Destroya


totally not MCR related but Im gonna be driving tomorrow on the road for the first time...any advice? im nervous...

help killjoys please

I HAVE to get my history grade up asap! I have a test tomorrow and im screwed if i fail it....i never do good on history tests either...i know they say cramming isnt good but tbh thats really the only way i can study....i cant fail...i cant! Theres a few weeks left before summer we r on the last chapter then we have one more test....not good..........any advice? How can i get my grade up and FAST???? please killjoys i need your help...

Newark-ed Facebook and Twitter!!

Facebook and Twitter in my eyes are both Newark-ed!

Alicia Simmons...question...

So is this Alicia Simmon's official facebook page? Cause if so...she liked 2 of my freakin photos!!!

Is it??? ^^^^^


So I got an email yesterday about Shockhoud shutting down...why?!? One of Hot Topic's music sources has shut down...just went to their site and... has been sent to a farm (not kidding check it out...) I mean even though I only got one thing from them... [Danger Days] I'd still like to know why!!

Day 17- A MCR song that makes you laugh

Honestly, its the way Gerard sings it...and the way they play sounds like an amusement park or something like that...

Day 16- Your favorite line from any MCR song


"oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying"
idk i have A LOT TO CHOOSE FROM...that was the first to pop into my mind...