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Question bout mama -liza minellis part

Is it liza minelli who says 'and if you would call me you your sweetheart id maybe then sing you a song?'

Im writing a story

So I am writing a vampire story, to sum it all up, there is this girl she has 3 siblings, one sister and two brothers, she is the youngest and the two oldest are in college, she is really close with her brother that is a year older than her. anyway, sorry sidetracked. she ends up in the ER when her house catches on fire, and its just her and her brother home alone while their mom is on a business trip.

Spoiler alert!

Just saw the 'Sing' musi video it was EPIC! Spoiler** Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid, and Jet Star trying to save the kid and look what happens! Too many Dracs for our favorite Killjoys!