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First Fanfic!!

I am about to blog my first fanfic, please comment and tell me what you think...its called 'Accident Unfinished'

Mikey and toasters?

So is the whole Mikey like to stick things in toasters true? what about the one of him blowing up a microwave(prety sure i heard that one too)? and Gees cookie story? is that true too? I LOVE GEE<3MIKEY<3FRANK<3RAY<3

Need some vampire story ideas...I had writers block, got back on track, and i can tell im going to have it again soon...any ideas? comment or message for a short summary.

Mama live 11/22/10 lags really bad!

I was on youtube and Mama live from 11/22/10 lags really it happening to you killjoys too? heres the link

what exactly is a hollowpoint smile? 'I got a bulletproof heart, you got a hollowpoint smile.'

Killjoy name??

How many people used a killjoy name generator for their killjoy name? because I am stumped on a killjoy name...I had one...but I didnt like it...

MCR Though Adjustment Test?

What exactly is the point of the Thought Adjustment Test for BL/I, honestly it was kinda entertaining...but at the end when the picture disappeared I saw the BL/I logo >The face in the side

Okay, my fellow Killjoys, I have written a few blogs, and I was wondering if I could get any ideas for my vampire story...comment for details

So I am writing a vampire story, yes a vampire story, I know I know, say what you want. But I had taken a little break from writing, and now I am stuck at a certain part, so here goes a lovely small summary.

Question bout mama -liza minellis part

Is it liza minelli who says 'and if you would call me you your sweetheart id maybe then sing you a song?'