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Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 10)

I heard footsteps. I was curious to see who was up.
I snuck up behind Frank. "Boo!"
"Oh Gosh!" He jumped. Spilling coffee. "Oops!" I giggled. "Jess, What the he*l! He laughed.
Mikey followed me. "Ooh, Coffee!" He said.He poured himself a cup. Gerard was the next one up, and it was only nine.
"What are we doing today?" I asked
"Not sure." Gerard said
"Want to see a movie?" I asked.
"Like which one?" Frank asked. "I dunno." I said. Mikey had his arm around me. "We don't have a show tonight." Frank said, "So we can do whatever." He paused. "Once we get to the next city, we are getting a hotel.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 9)

At seven the show started.
When we reached Give 'em hell, kid, Mikey came next to me.
"Oh baby here comes the sound!" Gerard and I sang "I took a train out of New Orleans and they shot me full of ephedrine. This is how we like to do it in the murder scene!" I took a quick breath I continued singing through the song, we got to the end of the song "Well, there's no way Im kissing that guy!" I pointed to Mikey smiling, he kissed my cheek, and I kissed his cheek back. He smirked.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 8)

*This part is shorter*)
Frank came out of the back room, dressed, needed to do his makeup still. Mikey was ready, well, all but his hair. Ray was ready, and Gerard had to get dressed still. Ray and I were the only one's ready. I sat on the couch reading a magazine. Here's the list of tonights songs." Ray handed me a list that read:
The End
Welcome to the Black Parade
Famous Last Words
Our Lady of Sorrows
Bury Me in Black
Give 'em hell, kid
House of Wolves
I Never Told You What I Do For A Living
That was the set list, and I was excited for Bury Me In Black, that was one of my

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 7)

Gerard got up and walked out. All I heard was mumbling from the other room.
Mikey and I sat there for a while. I felt a connection. I sat there with my head on his shoulder. I knew he was thinking pretty hard about something. He sighed. "What?" I asked. "What do you mean what?" He asked. "You're thinking about something, what are you thinking about?" I asked him, as I lifted my head so I was looking at his half smile on his face. "Nothing." He smiled. I glared at him. Knowing that wasn't the case. "Okay." he paused. "If you really want to know." He said. I nodded.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 6)

"Jess." Mikey knocked at the door. "I know, our brothers' have a good point, so you know what?" I sat on the floor my arms on my knees. "What?" I turned my head, so our eyes met each others'. "We'll prove them wrong." He paused. "Frank is just very protective of you, trust me, you should have seen him when you weren't here. He knows your a big girl and can take care of yourself, but I have to take it from his perspective as well, if Gerard and I had a younger sister like you, we'd be just as protective. I mean look at Gee and I. We're brothers and he is protective of me.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 5)

I woke up, the sun shining on the wall from the side window. I could tell Mikey was already awake, he was still there, he was flipping through the channels with the remote. I tilted my head up, He turned his head. Frank, Gerard and Ray were at the small table. All watching Saturday morning cartoons. Mikey kissed my forehead. I could tell he wasn't sure if that was a good move because he was kind of hesitant, but relieved when I did nothing. Frank looked over here every few minutes. Then again, the three of them were pretty much taking turns.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 4)

Frank picked me up and carried me to the bus, where he laid me on the couch. Mikey, Gerard, and Ray had my bags. Gerard found an ace bandage and Mikey sat at my feet carefully wrapping my ankle. "Tell me if I hurt you." He said just as he began wrapping. I watched Mikey, as he was wrapping my ankle. I felt a connection. I don't know if it was the same for him, but it was different, it was nice, it was I didn't know. I watched his face. His eyes looked at mine every once in a while.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 3)

I slept really good that night. A lot better than I had been, I mean with Kassidy in the room next to mine, snoring, who could sleep. I could quickly get used to this. It was completely dark, not one sound, okay so a snore from Ray every once in a while but that was nothing, at least not what I was used to. It was nice, it was peaceful.
I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs and....wait for Gerard and Mikey I assumed were the ones who had first dibs.
"Good morning, Sunshine." Gerard smiled. It was great, I was surrounded with my favorite people.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 2)

We opened with Helena, and ended with Famous Last Words.
"Great Job, Jess!" "You too." I paused, "and that goes for all of you" I glared(a joking glare of course)
"Jess, we have a huge question for you." Gerard said. "Hugenormous huge?" I asked. "Yes, hugenormous." Frank said. "Shoot!" I joked. "We want you to come on tour with us." Mikey came right out with it, he half smiled. "What the..." I was speechless, my brother and my guy friends wanted someone who was practically their younger sister on tour with them! "Guys, that would be like totally and frickin' amazing!" I hugged Frank.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 1)

We were pulling up to the arena where a My Chemical Romance concert was going to start in about an hour. My older sister and her boyfriend(who I didn't have much respect for) were dropping me and my friend off. "We'll be back at to pick you up at eleven or so." Daniel(her boyfriend) said. "Hey, Jess, if you get a chance, tell Frank I said hi." Kassidy(my sister) said. Frank was our step brother. I treated him like my biological brother, I wish he were. "You coming, Jesse?" Leslie called. "Yeah." I yelled, and ran to catch up to her. We got to the door, showed the usher our ticket.