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Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 31)

We all woke up about three-ish.
"You know?" Frank started. "It just occurred to me that no damage was done to the bus." Gerard nodded in agreement. "How'd that happen?" Gerard asked. "I don't know." Frank said. I thought about it for a second. It was the noise that woke us up, not the hit itself, obviously it wasn't as strong of an impact, but the semi tipped over, and caught on fire, meaning it was carrying flammables, and we all got lucky.
Mikey got up, I sat up. He poured two cups of coffee and handed one to me. "Sleep good?" he asked. "Yeah." I said, remembering my phone rang earlier.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 30)

"Stay here." Frank told me. He and everyone but Mikey left. I heard the sirens as they pulled up. I saw the flashes on the wall of the bus. I sat there scared about what happened. Yeah, okay, I don't the semi driver, but what if something happened? I couldn't sit there any longer. I stood up. "Where are you going?"
"Mikey, I can't sit still in here any longer. I have to see what is going on." I grabbed my sweatshirt off the back of the chair, put on a pair of flip flops, and walked out.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 29)

This one is probably the shortest yet...I'll write more in a little bit...promise! :)

We both fell asleep quickly. Which was quite a surprise, given I was wide awake.
We hit a big bump, which woke me up and surprisingly even Mikey up, too.
I kind of jumped when we hit the bump. I looked over Mikey to see the daytime driver, yes there were two drivers a night driver and a day driver, sleeping in the passenger seat. When they weren't driving, they were usually sleeping. It was rare that they were both awake.
I fell back asleep, my head on Mikey's chest.
I woke again to a huge crash.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 28)

We all finished eating.
"That was great!" Gerard said taking his last bite. "Thanks." I said.
We didn't have another show for a few more days, and we were stuck on the bus for these next few days as well.
I went to the back, to find my ipod...hoping it was charged...eep!
Luckily it was! I went back out to the couch, and laid down. I wasn't anticipating on falling asleep but did anyway. I fell asleep listening to Franks old band 'Pencey Prep'.
When I woke back up, I was guessing maybe 5:00, nope, it was 7:12. "Why didn't anyone wake me?" I asked.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 27)

When I awoke. I looked at Mikey. He had been watching me sleep.He smiled, and kissed me. Ray woke up. "Morning!" He said as he walked out. "Busted." Mikey whispered to me, I giggled.
"Sleep good?" I asked Ray. "Yeah." He paused. "How about you two?" He asked as he looked over to the counter to find coffee. "Good." I said.
"What time is it?" Mikey asked Ray. "Um, noon." Ray said looking at the small microwave and back at us. "I haven't seen them out cold like this since the Revenge Tour" Ray said referring to Gerard and Frank who were still asleep.
Mikey and I were still laying on the couch

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 26)

We were back on the bus, on our way to the show. It had been a few days. It felt weird to be back on the bus. I put my bag in the back room, along with the guys' bags'.
When we got to the arena, we had enough time to go through the songs once. After that there was about a half hour before people started to show up.
"Jess, water." Were the two words that came out of Franks mouth. I did as he said. Mikey walked back as I was filling up a cup of water. Frank and Mikey talked were talking for a few minutes. I couldn't hear their conversation. I decided not to ask.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 25)

After we ate, it was almost 2, didn't surprise me I slept in a lot later than normal, 1:30.
"We should start getting ready." Frank said.
Gerard walked in. "Mikey, I'm sorry." He said. "And Jess, I'm sorry you had to hear that."
"Gerard, it's fine." Mikey said. I nodded in agreement, sitting next to Mikey. Mikey stood up as Gerard walked over and they hugged it out. Gerard even bent down to give me a hug.
I went into the bathroom to change my clothes for the show, I changed into a pair of jeans and a band tee.
I figured I would let Gerard do my makeup, he seemed to like to do it.
I wet down my

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 24)

Frank was sitting at the table with Ray, they were talking. Frank looked over. "Why are you smiling?" He asked laughing at me. "I had a good dream." I said with nothing more. I got up and got a cup of water. "Feel better?" Ray asked. "A lot." I said. "Where are Gerard and Mikey?" I asked. "Other room." Frank said. "Okay." I said and walked over to 204. I was about to knock on the door when I heard Mikey and Gerard arguing. They never argued. I stood at the door, hesitating whether to knock or not. I knocked, before I could stop myself. Mikey opened the door.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 23)

That night I had a dream, that I never would have expected to have. It was the second time I ever actually saw Mikey. It wasn't in the garage, not at school. I had just gotten home from school, though/
'I walked in the door, wearing a black beanie, a short trench coat, a pair of jeans, and boots. I set my backpack on the kitchen table, and walked to the stairs. Frank stopped me just I was about to walk up. "Hey, Jess." He said. "Hey." I turned around. Ray and Frank had their guitars. Mikey and Gerard sat on the chairs. I figured they were writing a song.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 22)

I laid in bed thinking.
Frank was already out cold. I wanted to go back on the roof, but if Frank found out...he'd be mad again.
There was a knock at the door. I got up and answered it. It was Mikey and Gerard. "Hey." I said. "Want to go on the roof?" Gerard asked.
I looked back at Frank...he was really out. "Um. What about Frank?" I asked. "He'll be fine." Gerard said. "Come on." He encouraged. Of course, I gave in. We went to the roof. It was warm. "Okay, so how was it snowing two days ago, and now it is warm and all the snow is melted?" I asked, not expecting an answer.