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Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 59

"What were you doing?" He asked. "Eating an apple." I said and picked my apple up off the counter, and started to walk toward the living room. "Jess." He stopped me..."Yes." I turned around and took a bite of the apple. "Nevermind." He said, and turned toward the fridge. I turned around and sat on the couch where Mikey just sat. I leaned my head on his shoulder as he flipped through the channels...
I sat there for about five minutes...I couldn't sit still...I decided to go finish unpacking. I threw away the rest of the apple and walked toward my room.
I moved the first box, and set it on my

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 58)

Frank went to unlock the door, Mikey, Ray, Gerard, and I each grabbed a box.
Frank held the door opened for us, and led me to my new room.
The bed, and other furniture was already set up, a few boxes had been unpacked... "We decided to let you finish unpacking so you can put things where you want..." Frank said. "Okay." I said as we all set down the boxes... "I'll take care of it later." I said.
We all started walking out, Frank was behind me, I followed Mikey. "Jess." Frank stopped me as I was almost out the door. "Yeah, what's up?" I asked. "No-" I cut him off before he could finish.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 57)

I hit her, she tried to hit back, but wasn't doing such a great job...I was glad the guys let me go...After everything she did, and future things...even after this I KNEW she was planning...
"GET OFF OF ME!!" She yelled. She was pulling my hair and continued to struggle to push me off of her, but I kept hitting her, she raised her hand up again to pull my hair but I grabbed her arm and..."OW!" She yelled and finally pushed me off "You bit me!" She screamed.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 56)

Frank helped me up, and helped me outside.
"What happened?" Gerard asked pointing to my leg...blood from where that gash was had soaked through. "Frick!" I said...I didn't realize that my leg was bleeding.
Mikey and Ray had been sitting in the car. Mikey looked over and asked "Are you okay?"
"Yeah." I said...My leg hurt...but that was obvious. "C'mon." The last resort...going back in. "Gerard, Ray, Mikey...Kassidy watch." Frank ordered. We went into the bathroom to clean out my gash. "Can you hurry up!" I heard a whiny voice. Gerard snapped at her. I heard her walk away.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 55)

*Hey guys sorry, I accidentally closed the one I was working on so I just had to retype everything...*
*P.S-If you guys have any questions regarding the fanfics...comment them below or message me...I'll be happy to answer them!! :D *

No sign of Kassidy...but that didn't mean anything.
I walked into my find nothing but four boxes.
Frank walked in. "I could tell you were busy." I said.
"How'd you know?" He joked...
I heard a door open... "See you later mom!" A familiarly, yet whiny voice yelled...
Frank closed the door as we heard her in the kitchen.
We heard footsteps coming up the

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 54)

*About forty-five minutes later.*
We got to our terminal and they were beginning to board the plane.
The stewardess did their usual long speech...

*About 6 hours later*
The plan had just landed. Mikey helped me off the plane, I was limping, I still had a huge gash in my right leg.
Frank, Gerard, and Ray all ran up to us. Frank picked me up and gave me a hug. "Glad your okay!" He said. I laughed.
Frank set me down and pulled Mikey aside.
"How was Switzerland?" Gerard asked.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 53)

Mikey was up before me. He was on the phone with room service ordering breakfast.
Breakfast came, and we ate.
"Hey, I'm going to go down and talk to someone about a flight again." He said. "Okay." I looked over to see my carry-on bag and realized I had a change of clothes in it. "I'm going to take a shower." I said. He left and I went in the shower. I was just about to turn off the water, when I heard a loud noise. I quickly got dressed, and heard a few more noises. "Mikey?" I called, thinking that it was too soon for him to be back. "Mikey?" I called again as I opened the door.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 52)

*As promised one everyday, sorry for being delayed...* This one is probably going to be kind of boring, but I will make it up to you guys in the next one...I promise*

We ate our food, and when we were done, Mikey tried to find a movie for us to watch.
"I'm gonna call, Frank back." I said and limped toward the phone. " "Kay." He said.
I went to the bathroom and sat on the bathtub ledge and dialed Frank's cell phone number.
"Hello?" It was nice to hear my brother's voice. "Hey." I said. "Jess! Hey! What's up?" He asked. "Hi Jesse!" I hear Gerard and Ray in the background.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 51)

I woke to a blood-curdling scream, and banging at the door. Mikey woke too. "Stay here." He ordered. He opened a door, where the woman had been screaming. He helped her in. She had tears rushing down her face. "Are you okay?" He asked. "No. He tried!" She breathed. "He was trying to take my money!" She cried.
I sat up and watched as she stood there in tears, shaking. "I'll call down to the desk." I said, and reached for the phone.
I got a hold of someone at the front desk, and they sent up a manager, security, and a few more people. Police also showed up.
Mikey sat next to me.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 50)

I insisted that Mikey let me walk to the room. He helped me, I limped.
"Talk about a luxury sweet." I said as we walked into the room.
"Right." He agreed. I went to sit on the bed.
"I'm gonna call Gerard and them, make sure they got back okay, and let them know what's going on." He said. "Okay." I said.I grabbed the remote off of the nightstand, and turned on the tv...nothing good was on...
I heard Mikey on the phone.
I leaned back, put my head on the pillow, and decided to try to take a nap.
Mikey came out of the bathroom.