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What happened to these songs?

What happened to 'The world is full of ugly' 'Stay' and 'Kiss the ring'? Were thesenon the scrapped album??

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 123)

**Special Thanks to: XpartyXpoisonXX and Roc5ky**

*Note: some of you may think its a bit early for this...but....*

*Jesse's POV*

I woke laying next to a sleeping Mikey. The sun was shining through the window. I felt really bad about yesterday. I had an idea, but I don't know if Mikey would be up for it...
I felt him move.
I tried to lay still.
"Jess?" He asked.
"Hmm?" I looked over at him. His eyes were still closed.
"I love you so much." He said, opening his eyes. I leaned over to kiss him. The kiss lasted a few minutes. I pulled away. I smiled.
"What?" He laughed as I bit my lip.
I looked

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Why Not...

Day 01 – Your favorite song
Day 02 – Your least favorite song
Day 03 – A song that makes you happy
Day 04 – A song that makes you sad
Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone
Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere
Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event
Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to
Day 09 – A song that you can dance to
Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep
Day 11 – A song from your favorite band
Day 12 – A song from a band you hate
Day 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasure
Day 14 – A song that no one would expect you to love
Day 15 – A song that

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 122)

**Special Thanks to: Roc5ky**

*Gerard's POV*

"Gerard?" Angel cried.
"Hmm?" I asked.
"What are we gonna do?"
"I...I honestly..." I paused "I don't know." I was still in shock that I was gonna be a father.
"Can we go?" She asked. "Yeah." I stood up.
"We're gonna go." I called over to Frank.
"Need a ride?" Christa asked.
"We can take a cab." I said.
"No, I'll give you a ride." Christa insisted.
"Chris--" I started. "Gerard, don't argue." Angel cut me off.

We got in Christa's car and drove about 5 blocks up, to Angel's house.
When we got to her house, we both changed and went straight to bed.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 121)

**Special Thanks to Roc5ky, radioactive_sunshine, and AngelRose123**

*Jesse's POV*

We were on one of the boats that was in the river that lead from the falls. It was a gorgeous sight. Mikey was still acting strange even after my little freak out. I tried not to let it bother me, as much as it was already...
Mikey was standing against the rail of the boat. I walked over.
"Pretty, huh?" I asked.
"Yeah. Sure is. Almost as pretty as someone I know." He smiled at me.
I smiled back. Finally getting at least something out of him.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 120)

**Special Thanks to: Roc5ky**

*Gerard's POV*

Angel and I decided it was time to get ready. I mean it was almost six.
I had a change of clothes, so I changed real quick. I made us something to eat while she got dressed and did her makeup.

"Hey, my little angel!" I said as she walked in.
"Hey." She said. "Looks good." She said referring to the food. It was breakfast for dinner...she grabbed a piece of bacon that was on the plate.
"I'll be right back. I'm gonna go to the bathroom." She said, and left the kitchen.

I finished making eggs and a couple more pieces of bacon. She still wasn't back.

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 119)

**Special thanks to radioactive_sunshine and AngelRose123**

*Frank's POV*

I decided to give Gerard a call, and to see if he wanted to go out tonight with the girls.

"Hello?" Angel answered half asleep.
"Hey, it's Frank...did I--" I paused "Did I wake you guys?" I asked.
"No, it's's Gerard."
"Gerard." I heard her say.
"Hmm?" He asked.
"Frank." She giggled. I wasn't even gonna ask.
"Hey." He said. He sounded like he had been up for a little while.
"Hey, never heard from you last night." I said.
"Yeah, sorry. Angel kind of decided to take my phone." He laughed.

Thinking about...

So im thinking about getting a binder and putting my MCR artwork in it then toss it on stage when i go to the concert...have any of you done sometging like this??

Accident Unfinished(Fanfic part 118)

The picture to the right I did's the lyrics to Demolition Lovers with the title in the middle...I was surprised that I got it all to fit...anyway I was bored and had nothing to work on soo...and I made three more others after it...I'll post those too. I hope you like it>>>>
Ok, story time ;)

*Jesse's POV*

Mikey and I slept in my room that night. I heard Frank walk down the hall. Mikey was out cold, so I decided to go talk to Frank.
"Hey." I said as he walk past the door. I startled him a bit.
"Geez, Jess." He turned around, chuckling.
"Sorry." I said.
"It's fine.