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my cover of Thank You by Dido

honest opinion? comment on the video, or message me either via or :) thank you(no pun) lol

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please subscribe to me on youtube:) im gonna do a few song covers :) i'll link them when theyre up

count to 17 and close your eyes(fanfic part 3)

*i'll keep you safe tonight*

I let the tears fill my eyes.
Dylan stormed out the door, my dad following him, yelling.
"Amy, tell me its not true!" i cried.
"Im sorry sis." she said, as she came to sit next to me.
I looked at the door, i saw Blaine's figure standing there.
"NO! He's right there!" I yelled, pointing.
" ones there." amy said.
"HES RIGHT THERE!!!" I yelled.
At that moment everything went black. I heard my mom and sister yell for a nurse and that was it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I opened my eyes.

count to 17 and close your eyes(fanfic part 2)

*See the rust through your playground eyes*
I awoke once again. This time in a hospital bed. The florescent lights were too bright.
"AINSLY!!" my sister, Amy yelled.
"Aim." My mom said
"Sorry." Amy whispered.
"Wh...What happened?" I asked.
"You and Blaine were in an accident." My mom said.
"Whe...Is Blaine alright?"
"Ains..." my dad began.
An officer that was in the room walked over to a cart that had items laying on top, under, were two boxes. One labeled: 'Deceased'
"Ainsly. Which of these items are yours?" The officer asked.
"Umm...The phone in the zebra striped case." I said.
"That's it?"

i NEED advice! ASAP

Someone please message me asap! I'm about to cry and need some advice and someone to talk too


ok 2 things! Those of you who are fans on facebook of an MCR fanpage called 'Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls-MCR' Thank you!
and those of you who have NO IDEA what the hell im talking about. if you have a facebook: PLEASE SUPPORT

grace jeanette!

i was watching a show on the hub which is a family program but usually on for my little sister and a commercial for "majors and minors" came on and grace jeanette is on it!

count to 17 and close your eyes(fanfic part1)

"blow a kiss at the methane skies"
i awoke to a loud crack of thunder. i looked at the clock it was 11 p.m. there was a snapping sound at my window. i got up. it was Blaine, one of my best friends.
"what do you want?" i laughed.
"just get your butt down here Ains!"he smiled "you wont regret it!"
i was home alone for the weekend so i knew i would be fine if i left.
i threw on one of my MCR shirts, a pair of jeans, my red one star converse, and drew a heart with eyeliner on my trademark. "where are we going?" i asked under the raindrops to his car. "you'll see." he smiled.

I C effing P!

insane clown posse? yes yes yes i am half killjoy and half juggalette! lol my boyfriend likes icp and it rubbed off on my a bit but he also like mcr green day sum 41 and well almost everything i like as well and today he and his best friend came over and he called me a juggalette(girl juggalo) cause he didnt think i liked icp that much

long time no see

wow! its been a long time since i last posted a blog...well lots has happened lmao sorry im in a very good mood...for a change. sorry bout any mispellings im still getting used to the keyboard on my new phone. anyway, i just got to hang out with my bf and his best friend after not getting to see him this weekend. 1 like away from 1000 om my mcr fanpage on facebook "sing it for the boys sing it for the girls! mcr"