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So please read my fanfic it only has two chapters but it won't always be that way. I really want more readers (and comments) ^_^ Also Frank is pretty awesome in it :D

My Chemical Romance FanFic :) Chapter Two - New things

(I haven't done the next chapter for my fanfic for ages so here it is I hope you all like it and read it and comment ect).

Gerard and Mikey were on their way to school for the second day. Gerard had to tie up his lases so he stopped. "Gerard hurry up we are gonna be late", Mikey said. Gerard replied, "I need to tie my shoe lases, the school is just around the corner go ahead I'm right behind you". Mikey sighed and ran round the corner.


Wow. I watched the Amanda Todd video. No one deserves that. I'm so sorry she had to go through that. I am sure many many people loved her <3 May she Rest In Peace <3

So about my Fanfic chapter 2...

Ok so I want to do chapter 2 of my fanfic but I feel like I don't have many readers. I would like more people to read it and like it so please if you read this read my Fanfic and check out my other stuff and leave comments and stuff like that :) If you did thanks for reading :)

Keep the Faith

Halo Pics

Ok so for who ever knows what Halo is, Rooster Teeth is like a thing where they do loads of different things (:podcasts, RT adventure shorts ect.) and they do these mini seasons of this thing called Red vs. Blue (and they are Halo type people) but they never actually fight... Anyway its funny and I kind of copied these pictures from Red vs. Blue pictures but I colored it in with different colors :) I like it let me know what you think ;)

The Rest of My MCR Drawings :)

Here is Mikey :)

The Rest of My MCR Drawings :)

There aren't enough spaces to do all the photos so I will post them in a few posts ;)
First of Frank <3 :D Leave a comment :)

A picture on

Ok so i did this picture on its a copy of a cool MCR picture and what made it easier for me to draw it was that the actual picture is my desktop background so I kept minimizing and then getting it up again, I am pleased with it :) what does everyone else think?

P.S. I got one comment for my Fanfic so i am not sure how many people read it but if you read this please check it out :) I might do chapter 2 soon ;)

Frank's guitar

I haven't seen MCR live. But when I do well I wanted to see Frank play Pansy but as some of you may know Pansy is broken now. So if I did see MCR live, Frank would be playing the Phant-O-Matic but still I would be happy to see Frank and MCR live :D that is all really I love pansy. I would love to get the same model as pansy (or the one that looks like pansy and maybe was also pansy I don't know) but this is the make (99% sure) Epiphone elitist les paul custom alpine with a white finish.
Pansy Rules...But so does Frank :D

KeepRunningKilljoy - out

Not sure...?

Hey, I am not sure weather to do a FanFic...There are probably a lot on here but it might be fun..
I was thinking of maybe doing something like from when each band member is in high school and how they meet and go through the 10 years not in detail but with some facts and have the present date being 2019 and they are the Killjoys, and they are in the desert at night. Maybe somewhere along the story line someone could get kidnapped...I don't know its just a thought but I think its a good one :) Let me know what you guys think :)

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