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I am going to be a Killjoy for Ieroween. I have a mask I am going to paint like DD Gee and a stripy black and yellow sock that I will use as a sleeve like DD Frank.
I am going to put Frank on my pumpkin and write Frank Ieroween in the MCR style writing. :D Its going to be cool. Yeah boy division and tomorrows money is somehow out early and I wish I had heard it on the 30th like planned but oh well :D

Art is the weapon. We are the art.


So someone posted a blog saying they can't find the new MCR songs anywhere, I commented saying that they aren't out yet. Refreshed the page a little while later someone has posted links to the songs! WTF! I can listen to them now!!!! :O I still want to wait. My special wait till the day is a bit ruined but THEY SOUND AWESOME!

4 and 5 days!

4 days till CW! but of course I still have to call it Conventional Weapons cause its that awesome! Frank flippin Ieroween :D:D:D Can't wait! ^_^

5 and 6 days!

Ok you probably all know this by now. It's 5 days till Conventional -freakin- Weapons!
And 6 days till Frank Ieroween! The days won't go by fast enough..

Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly.
Be yourself don't take anyone's shit and never let them take you alive.

6 and 7 days

6 days till convnetional weapons. One week till Frank Ieroween :D (I have partly written a Song for Frank (and halloween) its called Frank Ieroween)

My Chemical Romance Fanfic - Chapter Three -

Here is Chapter three.

Gerard and Mikey were outside having lunch the same after noon when Gerard said "Mikey do ever think there maybe something..wrong with Frank?". Mikey replied, "Um maybe he is pretty weird". "Oh so you have noticed too?". Mikey said, "I wouldn't say noticed but like just the other day I was opening my locker and Frank was hiding inside. He gave me the fright of my life jumping out!". Gerard smiled. "I saw him playing guitar earlier. He was very crazy about it but he seemed to play pretty well". There was a short pause before Mikey changed the subject. "Gerard.

One week. Eight days. Whoop whoop

Exactly one week. Seven days till Conventional Weapons! Eight days till Frank Ieroween. I am so excited!

SO soon!

Its 8 days till CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS! I can't wait! and its 9 days until Frank Iero-birthday-ween :D I will send him a message saying happy birthday but I don't know if he will ever see it. I will probably count down for the rest of the 8-9 days and post a blog just saying 8 days! or 9 days!

Thanks for reading
Keep the Faith

10 days! WHOO!

Its 10 days till the first 2 conventional weapons songs are released :D I don't have a record player but someone is bound to put it on YouTube and I will also get it off I-tunes when it goes there eventually :D

In other news if you didn't read my last blog then you may not know that I can kind of play <3 Frank Iero <3 This song is a curse :D I am pleased.

Message me if you want to talk about guitars, drawings, need cheering up, anything really :)

Keep the Faith

Franks Guitar and MCR songs Rock On!

Ok so I thought I would listen to a cover of Franks song, this song is a curse, and I saw this really good cover and there were links to some of their other songs, so I have listened to them and they are awesome! I think its an Epiphone phant-o-matic :D I wish I could play like that and for all you people who might want to watch it and have no idea what I am talking about here are the links.

This song is a curse -

Famous last words -

This is how I disappear -