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Pfff stupid pop songs.

Ok so its fair enough to be passionate and really want to make music and all but...Pop is awful (in my opinion) people like carley rey jepsen and nicki minaj and connor maynard and one direction ect make me go bleehhh.. See if they like the music and want to make music fine. and I am not saying liking them is wrong or insulting anyone.

Sing on the voice

Ok so I just watched the people on the voice perform sing...
Meh it was okay their voices are good but not for that song, no one can live up to Gerard's awesome voice and i don't think those pop type people are worthy enough to sing SING :D


My song

Ok so some people will know I made a Frank Iero birthday/halloween song. I just felt like posting the lyrics :) So here they are. Oh and I only have one verse and a chorus... Anyways enjoy ^_^

Frank Ieroween.

I took a walk down memory avenue that evening.
While listening to My Chemical Romance and I was singing.
That day the evening quickly went to dark.
As I made my way towards the houses away from the Park.
I saw lit up faces everywhere.
Some were kids and others were to scare.
And as I took a breath of the cold night air.
I wondered if I would have that much fun this year.

It was


I have posted a lot of blogs recently and I want to post another but I don't know what it should be about so I am just going to say Hello ^_^ Also Boy division is awesome ^_^

Keep the Faith

Subject : Ieroween!

I have changed my profile pic to a picture of Three Cheers era Frank Iero.
I am still KeepRunningKilljoy though :D Hope everyone had a good Ieroween. I still wanna celebrate and go around saying Happy Birthday Frank!
Here is a picture I drew on Frank's birthday ^_^
And I drew on my pumpkin as a guide line for when I carved it and when I did carve it I don't think it looked as good as the drawing anyways its Frank!


Happy Frank Ieroween!

I would just like to say a big *HAPPY*BIRTHDAY* Frank Iero. I hope you have a good day and a good Ieroween. You are awesome and a Big inspiration to us all.

Love you and hope you have a good birthday!


So. Frank's birthday is tomorrow and I am so excited and I am going to celebrate it even though I don't actually know Frank. Because its his birthday (and Halloween) I am putting his face on a pumpkin I am going to finish it soon I will post a picture once its done :) I will post tomorrow saying Happy Frank Ieroween ect

Keep the Frankie Faith

2 Days

Its 2 days till Ieroween. I will paint my Killjoy mask today. I want to spend a good amount of time carving the pumpkin to get it right (as its Frank) so I will probably start that today or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is feeling happy and ready for Ieroween! ^_^

MCR Merch

So on the MCR 'GOODS' bit there is so much MCR merchandise I want. (I don't wanna seem needy or anything) But I don't have any MCR merchandise and there is so much cool stuff. Its annoying when I show other people and they are like 'you only want it cause its MCR' or something like that... The limited addition VEGANZA! vest and USB is $39.99 dollars in British pounds that is almost 25 pounds. I am so tempted to get it...


3 Days

Three Days Till Ieroween! I don't really think I have much to blog about so this is what I am saying... Three days. Its going to be awesome I hope everyone enjoys it :)